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Stuff we like: Kid Robot x Staple

Kickstarting a new series of regular blog posts, not AnyForty related, just simply… stuff we like!

First up, one fella who’s an absolute massive inspiration to us and a huge legend in this here streetwear game, Mr jeffstaple has just released a new vinyl toy with Kid Robot, needless to say, it’s something that won’t hang around for long. Literally flying off shelves in the States.

If you’re unfamiliar with jeffstaple, take your right hand away from the computer you’re currently using, move it as far as it’ll go away from ¬†your body and whip it back, slapping your uneducated ass-face across the chops! Get your Google game strong and find out all about the fella. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that Staple Design are known for their pigeon logo, and in the streetwear game, it’s one of those famous things you really shouldn’t fuck with on your own work. Staple basically own the pigeon, The Hundreds basically own the bomb and Diamond Supply Co basically own the, uhm, diamond, so don’t touch any of ‘em yeah?!

Anyway, Kid Robot have teamed up with Staple Design to produce a limited edition of only 800 stylised vinyl birds. We’re big fans of vinyl “toys” over here, office is full of Amos, Coarse and Kid Robot’s finest moulded plastics, and to be honest we swore we’d calm down our purchases. But this one is just too good to miss out on!

Read the full blog post on the release of the Kid Robot x Staple pigeon on the Staple Design blog here!