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Coming soon: AnyForty & (iL) Soigneur musette bags!

So, last year, we hit you up with our first-ever non tee products, with the AnyForty x J3Concepts leather embossed wallets, and our 3DA snapbacks. Continuing our experimentation with new products, here’s a sneak peek of something coming mid February.

Always been fond of Bristol; after spending 9 years living in spitting distance to it, love everything about it – the people, the culture, the artists… so when we found out through our original breadbin JamFactory that there was a Brizzol-based brand called (iL) Soigneur making sweet cycling musette bags we knew they needed to be hit up.

Now we’ve wanted to do a bag for time, even gone as far as having designs for backpacks ready to be manufactured; it’s the size and minimum quantities that always scupper our plans. Unfortunately, AnyForty not yet being huge means we’ve nowhere to stock 300 backpacks. So we’ve gone for an alternative and equally fresh approach.

If you’re one of our bike riding fans, you’ll be familiar with these bags – cyclists been using them for time. Think they originally started as a way for support teams to pass meals to cyclists on the Tour De France etc, but cyclists now using them for carrying spare inner tubes, maps, energy bars, phones, keys, tools etc.

However, we reckon these bags are pretty cool, and coincidently the perfect size for carrying iPads, books, magazines, tins of paint, all your everyday stuff, so we’re gonna try and bring these to the everyday man. For times when you don’t want to lug a backpack round, these will be perfect. Especially for us living in London, we’ve already had some teef unzip backpacks in busy streets and on the tube (luckily they didn’t find anything). Security wise, these are gonna be dope – when in crowded areas, spin it round and have it on your front. No sticky fingers will get into it there.

So anyway, we’re chatting too much. Take a quick look at some samples. Ignore the colours of the bag and the strap, we’re gonna drop one-colour bags with matching straps with contrasting buttons, with heat pressed vinyl AnyForty Hydro script on the front, and two-colour AnyForty icon on the back. Inside however is where the real magic starts; full colour, ripstop, printed fabric bursting with illustrative love. Business on the outside, party on the inside! Dropping two designs, one by Waste as seen in Versus 4 drop, the other by, ah well, you’ll have to wait for the other one…

Bag dimensione are 260mm x 330mm

Build quality of these is amazing, and these are being built completely from scratch for us to our designs. You’re gonna love the final ones. Will drop two designs, in limited numbers of only 20 each. 2 x 20 = 40. Our lucky number :)

Stay tuned for more info yo!