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AnyForty Out And About: D*Face at Stolen Space

So one of the plus points about no longer wearing any brick and mortar retail shackles is it frees up time for inspirational activities, and personally for us, not many come more inspirational than Mr D*Face.  We missed the opening of his  “New World Disorder” exhibition at his own Stolen Space Gallery on Brick Lane, so first chance we got, rounded up some troops including our man Tom Mac to pop down and soak it all in, and damn, what a show they’ve put on.

The show is split into 3 parts (from what we found anyway, might of been another room hiding somewhere!) Entering the building next door to Stolen Space you have to enter through the most ghetto, tagged up walkway and stairwell, entering the first exhibition space, showcasing some huge D*Face pieces, some stencils and a Ron English-esque half eaten Snoopy. Second part of the show, is a black dotted wall painted screen printing room, and the final and our favourite part of the show is in the main Stolen Space downstairs, and features a collection of hand painted Baseball bats and helmets. Absolutely amazing.

It’s open until the 23rd of June, so if you’ve not been yet, we strongly recommend it, it is after all the last ever show to take place in this iconic building which is due to be knocked down and destroyed once this show ends. Proper end of an era stuff. For those of you outside of London and not able to see it in person, get the kettle on and browse through these shots we snapped just for thee, and if you want to know more about the show, we’re not great with wanky words so check out the Huffington Posts roundup here.