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AnyForty Versus Volumes: Chapter 01. August 28th. 2013

7th July 2013 | Tags: ,

Never one to follow what everyone else is doing, we’re proud to announce a complete flip of our business model.

We will no longer be releasing 2 seasonal collections like we’ve done since 2008, gone are Spring/Summer, gone are Autumn/Winter, to be replaced with AnyForty Volumes, one yearly Volume, split into 4 quarterly chapter collections. Content of these collections will be time of the year specific, so summer drops will contain tees/vests, winter drops tees/ crewnecks/hoodies etc… So in simple terms, more AnyForty, more often, something lots of people been asking for.

Chapter 01 features 57 artists who are completely new to the AnyForty family, 4 British artists, 2 Americans and 1 Australian, and we’re extremely glad to announce for the first time we’ll be introducing a brand new AnyForty basics collection. It’s all looking incredibly exciting!

The collection releases on Wednesday 28th August at 8pm online and in our wholesale accounts, our 14 wholesale accounts will be getting a Chapter 01 linesheet breaking down the whole range via email on Monday 22nd July. If ¬†your a store that doesn’t stock us and would like to see this exciting new collection then drop us a email to and you’ll receive a linesheet on the 22nd too.

Get ready folks, we’re about to roll the dice and try something a lil different and we need your continued support!

Much love.

The AnyForty Family