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#AnyFortyFamily: André Beato’s Nike “We Own The Night 2014″

18th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Another blog category we’re reviving for 2014, keeping you up to date with what some of your favourite AnyForty artists are up to, first up check out this brilliant piece of typography by André Beato, man behind our Blood, Sweat & 5 Years typography, and this years new AnyForty Family branding. He’s just completed this lovely bit of work for Nike’s womens night race “We Own The Night”, the sick bit of custom type as seen below has then been turned into a fully working neon sign by Shane Griffin of MoGriph. Any AnyForty loving ladies reading this that are intrigued by the event then click the top image to be taken to the sign up page! Great work as always André. Stay tuned to grab his new AnyForty Family garments from Thursday 27th February, 7pm at