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Inspiration: Pepsi “The Art Of Football”

19th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Big football fans here at AnyForty, even though we’ve never released anything football related as we know normally football and the art scene very rarely go together, can pretty much count on pair of hands the number of artists we know that also love football. Guess it’s either draw or kick a ball around when your a nipper eh!

Anyway, back to the program, check out this new campaign from Pepsi for a lil bit of late night inspiration, Pepsi hooked up with legendary New York photographer Danny Clinch to take a series of portraits of players we assume they reckon will star in this summers world cup, Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, David Luiz, Robin van Persie, Sergio Ramos and Jack Wilshere, gave the portraits to artists from the players respective countries and let them draw over the photography, using Pepsi’s trademark red, white and blue. End result is kinda nice, dream project for art directors all over the world!

Check out the behind the scenes look at the project below, instantly followed by the final pieces.

Artwork of Sergio Agüero created by Argentinean artist Jaz (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Leo Messi created by Argentinean artist Ever (Credit: PepsiCo)

David Luiz created by Brazilian artist Ricardo AKN (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Robin van Persie created by Dutch artist Merijn Hos (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Sergio Ramos created by Spanish artist Zosen (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Jack Wilshere created by English artist Hattie Stewart (Credit: PepsiCo)