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AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 25

23 days to go till the show kicks off, and still unveiling artists, better get a crack on! So folks get ready for the unveiling of artist number 25 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce another artist AnyForty regulars will be more than aware of, ladies and gentleman it’s…

Sprinkles is a incredibly sick artist we first stumbled across in 2012 via his good mate and AnyForty Family Dale Bigeni, and as soon as we saw his work, knew we had to collaborate with him, and collaborate we did, Sprinkles blessing us with a incredible design as part of our Chapter 01 range. Sprinkles is a self taught contemporary artist and tattooer based in Sydney, who’s canvas is skin, paper, walls, basically whatever dude can draw on he will. Deadly with a needle, pen, paint brush or paint can. No stopping our man from creating art! Super stoked to have him on board the good train AnyForty for this Charity Group Show, such a sick trademark style, you’re gonna love what he’s created. Much love fella look forward to making it to Sydney some day and getting a permanent collaboration from you!