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AnyForty Seven Launch Party at Whosit & Whatsit, Newcastle

11th March 2015 | Tags: , , , ,

Yes folks! It’s been a long time since we broke out the auld blog, for those of you who don’t know, we left London back in August last year, relocated back to the motherland, Newcastle Upon-Tyne and have spent the last few months busting our ball sacks on the graft tip.

Since the flip of the new year, we’ve been hard at work getting a incredible range of designs together to celebrate our Seventh Birthday, seven years?! Damn, where has the time gone eh.

It’s quite an achievement for a small independent UK brand to hit the seven year mark so we thought it was something to make a metric-fuck-tonne of noise about, so we’ve created a new range called, you guess it… Seven!

Seven artists from around the world tackling seven deadly sins. It’s an epic collection of wearable art and we can’t wait for you to see it, we’re so proud of it we’d like to invite you to a massive party we’re gonna throw with our friends at Whosit & Whatsit, down on Newcastle’s Quayside.

We’re taking over the whole of their new first floor event space, and we’ve an evening of free musical entertainment on the cards – we’re bringing up our good bredrins from London, bearded musical maestro The Last Skeptik fresh off the success of his latest EP “I Don’t Even Like you” to get your heads bopping, the globe trotting, magical mouth making music machine Hobbit to get your jaws dropping and the ridiculous Rewd Adams who’s going to be performing tracks of his brand new “Hunger Pains 2″ album to get you lively! So excited by the fact we are getting these guys all up from London to perform for a new North East audience, and any AnyForty family who’ve made it to any of our events in London since 2011 will know how ridiculous these guys are. Rounding up our musical entertainment we’ve our good pal, and local DJ royalty Flint & Steel opening up and closing the nights festivities on the wheels of steel. We’ve also got our mates back from our South West days, the delicious boozy Brothers Cider to hook you guys up with a load of different flavoured ciders to set the night off on a merry tip!

It’s going to be a incredible event, the team at Whosit & Whatsit are working on a really exciting visual event space environment, something silly nice to do with the Seven theme, you’ll have to wait till the night to find out more though! Due to venue size, we’ve got to limit this to strictly no more than 60 people in at any one time, so it’s going to be first come first served on the guest list tip, if you’re not on the list, you can’t come in. So please, if you’re not local and are traveling up for this, make sure you put your name and email on the guest list here otherwise you’re just gonna hear the goodness from outside. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you or sell your email address to any Nigerian princes.

So yeah, check out the flyer below, sign up to the guest list and we shall see you on the night for all the above and much, much more!!

Additional note: We’re also extremely proud to announce our friends from Brewdog are going to be running a pop-up bar in the event space, which will be selling cans of there beautiful ale’s, Punk IPA and Dead Pony Pale Ale from 7pm until 11pm. This event is gonna be the one. You do not want to sleep on it!