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Versus Volumes Chapter 02: On Sale Now!

27th February 2014 |

This Thursday: AnyForty Chapter 02 – Released 8pm GMT!

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Industry In The Streets present True Skool, March 3rd, Rich Mix, Shoreditch

19th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Our mates over at IITS are keeping crazy busy, along with the previously mentioned Wandsworth Young Performer Final coming up on Sunday, they’ve also been working on their flagship True Skool event, which takes place on Monday 3rd of March at Rich Mix, Shoreditch with an explosive lineup of future and already established talent supported by the IITS live band. True Skool is all about celebrating old school values while showcasing new school talent. We’ll also be there on the night with a merch stall, the first place in Central London you’ll be able to grab our Chapter 02 collection from too! Tickets are a bargain £3 and you can grab em from hurrrrrrrr, so if you live East and are looking for something exciting to fill your monday evening with then this is the place to be! Follow IITS on Twitter for more info and news on the night!

AnyForty SIX

12th February 2014 |

Soon come…

The Meat: Cuts Of Creativity – Tickets On Sale Now!

7th February 2014 | Tags: , , ,

Absolutely over the moon to have been invited to speak at the very first The Meat creative conference in Aberdeen on May 31st.

The lineup is heavyweight, the organisers have done a incredible job putting together a stellar list of inspiration international speakers like SignalNoise, Aaron Draplin alongside homegrown hero Gavin Strange aka Jam Factory and many more. This is a day you can’t miss out on. Plenty notice to grab a cheap train ticket up from anywhere in the UK to Aberdeen too.

Hope to see you guys there. Big ups to Cameron for putting on what looks like a incredible day.

Grab your tickets here!

Trust your struggle

7th February 2014 |

So yesterday, I had a real tough day with this self employed struggle, that i’m not scared or ashamed to admit.

In one months time, i officially enter my 6th year of AnyForty, and here i am, my brands bigger than ever, selling more product through my webstore than ever but i’m still in the same position i’ve been for the last 3 years since i chucked in a full time job, chucked in a comfy salary and chucked in the social aspect of working with others.

I’m not a billy no mates, while my missus and my mates are all in offices working with others, I am trapped at home alone (and i don’t use the trapped word lightly, that’s exactly how it can feel at times when you have to wait in for couriers/deliveries) for 12 hours a day minus a hours dog walk, working non stop often until climb my arse into bed, unable to take a salary, unable to afford to hire a workspace to escape the house, eating, sleeping, shitting and working in the same 4 walls, day in, day out. Anyone who works at home, knows how hard it is to switch off. You can’t just leave your work in the office, your house is your office. Mind is always on, there’s always reminders that no, i shouldn’t be sat on the sofa watching Tv, i should be coming up with ideas to sell the stock that’s half a metre away from me, or i should be looking for that next exciting artist no ones used for the next range.

Yesterday i really questioned, why exactly am i still doing this?!

Why have i spent 3 years of my life, sat home alone living a unfunny version of Groundhog Day like a fucking hermit till the missus comes home from work, putting my mind and my body under a regular stress and worries, sat working my balls off glued to my laptop or lugging boxes around my living room for no personal financial reward, all the money that comes in goes back out to continue growth, invest in new ranges, new products, and trust me the bigger your brand gets, the bigger the cash you need to outlay gets and the bigger the risk gets. Spend month on month scraping by, squeezing doing enough freelance design work to settle the extrortionate London rent and bills.

Now i don’t intend or want this to sound like a sob story, it’s not, i chose to do this, but why do i keep doing this?!
I do this because i’ve invested 6 years of my time into it, i do this because i believe passionately in my product and i believe passionately that all the work i’ve put in so far is worth it, i’ve grown a brand from nowt to something, completely on my own, no outside investment, no business skills, just using my own hard graft and determination, that’s something to be proud of, something that’s quite an achievement,  i simply can’t walk away from this, not now, not 5 years down the line, i could be 2 months away from taking a salary and getting a work space or i could be 15 years away.
If i walk away now, i’ll regret it for ever, not knowing what could of happened next. I have to trust my struggle.
I guess the reason for writing this, is if your following me on here, be it a illustrator, brand owner, musician anyone who’s working towards a goal, sometimes you’ve gotta take some time out, really focus on that end goal or the next stage of your journey, and if you really believe in it and think you can achieve it, then you have to trust your struggle. You can’t give up.
All i can focus on, is that next level, the moment when i really fucking hope everything clicks into place.
Anyone who might be in the same boat as me, or some of what i stay rings true to you, then stay strong, keep your pecker up and keep focussed on that end goal. It has to be worth it!

Channel 4: Random Acts “Reeps One”

5th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Channel 4′s Random Acts last night was epic. Professor Sophie Scott explores the insides of Beat Boxing world champion and pal of AnyForty Reeps One’s brain,  go watch it 3 minutes and 27 seconds of your life that you’ll not regret parting with!

If your impressed by that, and your brain is dead if your not, then check out the next link below for a behind the scenes look at the filming…

AnyForty Chrimbo Pop-Up Party 2013

17th January 2014 | Tags: , , ,

On Saturday 23rd December 2013 we took over Translate Bar in Shoreditch for a afternoon of musical entertainment and heavy drinking to celebrate the end of a incredible 5th year of business and the start of the festive season!

Live free musical entertainment went down with DJ sets by Trol23, The Last Skeptic, a huge beatbox showcase from The Beatbox Collectives Hobbit, Ball-Zee, MC Zani and Bass6 and live breakdancing from the Antics Dance Crew. All of which was captured by our man Sam from We Free The Box.

Thanks to everyone who came through and supported, especially all the artists who gave up the last Saturday before Christmas to come and throw down for our man Hobbit’s birthday, and extra special shout to Carl at Translate for letting us takeover the bar all day and night!

Following the UltraFry exhibition, it’s the second event we’ve thrown at Translate that’s been a huge success, and trust, certainly won’t be the last event we do at Translate, watch this space…

AnyForty 2014 Artwork Calendar…

16th December 2013 | Tags: , ,

So there’s 4 postal days left till Christmas, still struggling to find a nice pocket money friendly present for your best mate, your misses or just want to buy something for your self, then you can do no wrong with grabbing a copy of our 2014 artwork calendar. Featuring sick A3 prints from AnyForty artists Sprinkles, Andre Beato, Robin Boyden, Nikki Farquharson, Tom Mac, Vanila BCN, Chris B. Murray, Greg Mike, UltraFry, Ben Bigeni and Iain Macarthur.

Spiral bound and beautifully printed on high-quality 250gsm premium smooth paper with a board-backing. These limited edition, hand numbered calendars are a work of art and the only hanging around they’ll do is on your walls.  Go grab one now for a bargain £19.99, only 30 of the original 100 we’ve produced are left!

AnyForty Vaults… Opening 2014

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