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Inspiration: Pepsi “The Art Of Football”

19th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Big football fans here at AnyForty, even though we’ve never released anything football related as we know normally football and the art scene very rarely go together, can pretty much count on pair of hands the number of artists we know that also love football. Guess it’s either draw or kick a ball around when your a nipper eh!

Anyway, back to the program, check out this new campaign from Pepsi for a lil bit of late night inspiration, Pepsi hooked up with legendary New York photographer Danny Clinch to take a series of portraits of players we assume they reckon will star in this summers world cup, Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, David Luiz, Robin van Persie, Sergio Ramos and Jack Wilshere, gave the portraits to artists from the players respective countries and let them draw over the photography, using Pepsi’s trademark red, white and blue. End result is kinda nice, dream project for art directors all over the world!

Check out the behind the scenes look at the project below, instantly followed by the final pieces.

Artwork of Sergio Agüero created by Argentinean artist Jaz (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Leo Messi created by Argentinean artist Ever (Credit: PepsiCo)

David Luiz created by Brazilian artist Ricardo AKN (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Robin van Persie created by Dutch artist Merijn Hos (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Sergio Ramos created by Spanish artist Zosen (Credit: PepsiCo)

Artwork of Jack Wilshere created by English artist Hattie Stewart (Credit: PepsiCo)

Inspiration: Sign Painters The Official Trailer

14th February 2014 | Tags: , , ,

Bringing back a old blog category we haven’t touched for a while, and that’s random blog posts on inspirational stuff we like! And nothing comes much more inspirational than this new documentary by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon on the dying out craft of traditional hand painted signs. Incredible watching and we can’t wait for the movie to drop, will definitely be getting bought, get the kettle on and take 2 minutes 41 seconds out of your day to be inspired by some incredible masters of their art!

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

AnyForty Out And About: D*Face at Stolen Space

So one of the plus points about no longer wearing any brick and mortar retail shackles is it frees up time for inspirational activities, and personally for us, not many come more inspirational than Mr D*Face.  We missed the opening of his  “New World Disorder” exhibition at his own Stolen Space Gallery on Brick Lane, so first chance we got, rounded up some troops including our man Tom Mac to pop down and soak it all in, and damn, what a show they’ve put on.

The show is split into 3 parts (from what we found anyway, might of been another room hiding somewhere!) Entering the building next door to Stolen Space you have to enter through the most ghetto, tagged up walkway and stairwell, entering the first exhibition space, showcasing some huge D*Face pieces, some stencils and a Ron English-esque half eaten Snoopy. Second part of the show, is a black dotted wall painted screen printing room, and the final and our favourite part of the show is in the main Stolen Space downstairs, and features a collection of hand painted Baseball bats and helmets. Absolutely amazing.

It’s open until the 23rd of June, so if you’ve not been yet, we strongly recommend it, it is after all the last ever show to take place in this iconic building which is due to be knocked down and destroyed once this show ends. Proper end of an era stuff. For those of you outside of London and not able to see it in person, get the kettle on and browse through these shots we snapped just for thee, and if you want to know more about the show, we’re not great with wanky words so check out the Huffington Posts roundup here.

Stuff we like: VNA Magazine & Ronzo’s Birdz

2nd May 2012 | Tags: , ,

We’ve been so hectic lately not had chance to do any blogging on anything that hasn’t been The Australian Invasion Series. Now that’s all to bed and awaiting delivery of stock for the May 14th release, time to catch up on sharing some other goodness.

Stumbled on this video this morning from our mates over at VNA Magazine, amazing what you can get away with in broad daylight if you’re wearing a fluro jacket and placky helmet!

Sick idea and great execution. Well done Ronzo!

Looking for inspiration? Why not look Down Under…

So, we all get inspired by other people, yeah? If you’re a creative person you need to fuel yourself with inspiration. If you only use what’s in your own head, you’ll struggle to do anything special, so fuck it, let’s start by  me telling you how inspiration has helped me grow my brand…

When AnyForty first started, I wasn’t really inspired by the obvious brands like Stussy who’ve been around for years, I was massively driven on by what Addict on these shores and WeSc from Sweden were doing. This was mid 2000′s and Jason Lee and his fellow WeActivists were killing it. I was blown away by WeSc’s simple branded tee ranges, one colour logos on one colour tees, but in colour pallets you never really saw in local skatestores before. To top that, every range they collaborated with artists I’d never heard of on artist series tees. On the flip side, in our own backyard Addict were killing it on the regular with She One, Mr Jago, Swifty, C-Law artist collaboration camo prints and those two brands, they are what  inspired the launch of AnyForty, a homegrown UK brand, but one that collaborated with artists from all over the world. The touch paper to the idea was lit, and off I went…

As the first year ticked by, I started to become bewitched by what was going on over in California. The way the San Francisco scene in general was there for each other blew my mind and inspired the shit out of me; the Rebel 8′s, Benny Gold’s, Huf, The Hundreds, Upper PlayGround, loved everything about those brands and the way they all seemed to support each other, and they provided the fuel for inspiration over the next few years. Now when I say inspiration, I’m not talking about looking at a logo, or a design and thinking “I like that, let’s copy it or put our own spin on it” I’m talking about, fuck, massively inspired by how these guys are running a business, and growing a scene, while I’m going to work 9-5 and often later and coming home and working on my brand till late, these guys are living the dream. Working 9-5 (and often later!) on their own brands, doing stuff that they love, all day every day! If they can do that, I can do it… and I want to do it badly! Target set.

Now tumbling into Year 4 of existence, I’m realising that dream of 9-5 working on AnyForty is that little bit closer, but still bloody far away. The UK scene isn’t quite as supportive as the US scene, but I will get there one day and will keep on hustling until that day arrives.

So for the year ending in 12, I need new inspiration to drive me, always about finding out about new exciting stuff, and you should always be looking around for people to inspire you. I hope occasionally some stuff I say on here can inspire some people who are just launching brands, or have brands in their infancy. And inspirational fodder doesn’t have to be only in the industry you’re working in, can be something someone says on tv, something you’ve read online. Inspiration is everywhere, you’ve just got to look for it.

So who inspires me now? In general, the Australian streetwear scene inspires me massively, mainly because it’s something I’ve only recently stumbled across during the last few months 0f 2011, and it’s new as fuck to my ageing eyes! Great to see something fresh amongst the hundreds of Only and Rebel 8 rip-off brands I see launching on these shores day to day. Meow!

Reason I’m so hyped on this scene is it shows there is a massive  industry out there, and it’s not just  going on in the country run by Obama that most of us unfortunately always focus on. There are some brilliant brands Down Under doing their thing, and this Australian scene seems to be thriving – why can’t ours? It’s something that’s definitely inspiring me to try and build a family of supportive UK brands. Whether we can club together and help ourselves grow, that’s another story.

So, Aussie-wise, here’s 3 of AnyForty’s favourite brands you should definitely keep your eye on…

GrandScheme  A brand similar to ourselves, working with some of Australia’s finest artists including Anthony Lister, Numskull and many more, drops a full range of clobber including tees, 5 panel hats, trousers and have a new collabo in the pipeline with the legend Ron English. This brand are destined for big tings!

Taken Clothing Company Fucking love what these fellas have done in a relatively short space of time. Dale and Ben Bigeni, two super talented Sydney brothers who run the brand Taken and craft all their artwork themselves. With a love of punk rock, skating and art, these fellas got Next!

Well Dressed Vandals Probably the sickest brand name I’ve heard for a long time, Well Dressed Vandals drop some really clever graphic tees, including legendary designs like the Fixie Farthing, New York Knicks logo spoof and the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Indians sport logo mashups. Again, another brand surely destined for big stuff and seems like their tees don’t hang around for long, already disappointed I didn’t get the chance to cop a few of them.

So that’s it. You want some cool new stuff to feast your eyes on in 2012, look no further than what’s going on below!

T-world Issue 7 – The New York Issue!

8th December 2011 | Tags: , , , , ,

Our good mates down under at T-world are on a roll right about now. As if coming to the end of curating the month-long NEXT project on Cockatoo Island (Sydney) wasn’t enough, they’ve also just dropped the brand new issue of the mag that they’ve been working on for the last year.

Completely redesigned and relaunched for issue 7. Featuring a posh-as-fuck hardback cover, knocking on the doors of 200 beautifully designed and researched pages featuring a who’s who of the New York scene, including legends like jeffstaple, Mishka, Only NY, 10 Deep, Supreme, Reason, The Hundreds & the man behind the “I HEART NY” graphic – Milton Glaser – alongside so much more!

The mag’s just dropped in Australia, already sold out at HalfSleeve, but is due in more stockists any day now.

Unfortunately for us Europeans, it’s not due to make its way over to our shores until some point next Spring. If you don’t want to wait ’til then, go buy one from overseas, I know that’s what we’re going to do. First UK-based reader to get a copy of the mag and take a picture of them holding it, showing the page with our first ever full page advert on, gets a free AnyForty tee!

Stuff we like: Kid Robot x Staple

Kickstarting a new series of regular blog posts, not AnyForty related, just simply… stuff we like!

First up, one fella who’s an absolute massive inspiration to us and a huge legend in this here streetwear game, Mr jeffstaple has just released a new vinyl toy with Kid Robot, needless to say, it’s something that won’t hang around for long. Literally flying off shelves in the States.

If you’re unfamiliar with jeffstaple, take your right hand away from the computer you’re currently using, move it as far as it’ll go away from  your body and whip it back, slapping your uneducated ass-face across the chops! Get your Google game strong and find out all about the fella. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that Staple Design are known for their pigeon logo, and in the streetwear game, it’s one of those famous things you really shouldn’t fuck with on your own work. Staple basically own the pigeon, The Hundreds basically own the bomb and Diamond Supply Co basically own the, uhm, diamond, so don’t touch any of ‘em yeah?!

Anyway, Kid Robot have teamed up with Staple Design to produce a limited edition of only 800 stylised vinyl birds. We’re big fans of vinyl “toys” over here, office is full of Amos, Coarse and Kid Robot’s finest moulded plastics, and to be honest we swore we’d calm down our purchases. But this one is just too good to miss out on!

Read the full blog post on the release of the Kid Robot x Staple pigeon on the Staple Design blog here!