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AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 6 of 25

Back at you with the quickness! The unveiling continues of our incredible lineup of 25 worldwide artists for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July, again, in no particular order, proud to announce a artist AnyForty die hards will be insanely familiar with, a AnyForty regular, lasses and gents it’s Mr…

Chris Malbon aka Melbs is a AnyForty regular, down with the family since the very start  and one of the nicest, most talented grafters in this industry. Unfortunately we haven’t had chance to work together since Autumn/Winter 2011 when we dropped this bonkers Oh Fu*k! crewneck but it’s ohhhhh so sweet to be back scheming and plotting together!

Those of you who discovered AnyForty since we last worked with Chris, then boy, you’re in for a right treat. Melbs was one of the 3 powerhouse artists that formed the now deceased McFaul strudios alongside our fellow AnyForty Family MegaMunden and Mr McFaul himself. Since leaving McFaul  Melbs has been a illustration monster on a rampage, building up a jaw dropping freelance portfolio including jobs for the likes of everyone from Marmite to Jimmy Choo, and smashing out every style under the sun, a true illustration chameleon, master of all styles.

Super proud to have him involved in this project and can’t wait to see what he cooks up alongside the rest of the jaw dropping lineup. This show isn’t one your gonna want to miss. Trust!


AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 5 of 25

Proud to continue the unveiling of our incredible lineup of 25 worldwide artists that we’ve pulled together for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July, with an incredible artist who is completely new to the AnyForty Family , ladies and gentleman give a warm family welcome to…

Justin Maller is a illustrator and art director from Melbourne, Australia who is now based in Brooklyn, NY, he’s a man we’ve known about for a long ass time now,  but have never had a chance to work with him yet, until now!  The art geeks in you will know Justin is the man behind the digital modern art collective Depthcore, and as a freelancer has cracked up a banging client list including the likes of Dolby, Verizon, Nike, and Coca-Cola. If your not familiar with his name, you’ll certainly of seen his work before, man is a absolute fucking monster in photoshop.

Super proud to have him involved in this project and can’t wait to see what he cooks up alongside the rest of the jaw dropping lineup.

So that’s 1/5th of the final line up revealed so far, joining Justin is Paulo Arraiano, Travis Price, Ben The Illustrator and Ben Brown. Who’s up next? Tune in on Wednesday to find out!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 4 of 25

Another day and another unveil from the incredible lineup of 25 worldwide artists we’ve pulled together for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July. So ladies and gentleman, let us reintroduce you guys to another sick artist, drumroll…

Hailing from Cascais in sunny Portugal comes the incredible artist and all round lovely fella Paulo Arraiano, AnyForty regulars will know his work from his brilliant collaboration as part of our Versus 4 collection we dropped in Summer 2011.

Paulo’s got a incredible back catalogue of work you can see here, doing print based designs for the likes of Volkswagen, Nike, Computer Arts and Don’t Panic, but in the last few years his work has really exploded into the 3 dimensional real world, painting his artwork on physical forms all over the globe, from naked bodies to boats to humungous walls Paulo’s work is really mind-blowing and can be spotted in city’s all over the world

Proud to have him involved in this project and whatever he cooks up you can be sure it’ll trap your attention with his intricate hand drawn details.

Stay tuned for artist number 5 to be unveiled next week, another of our guest artists, and another incredibly talented Australian.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 3 of 25

Proud to continue the unveiling of the 25 artists (in no particular order) for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July. So ladies and gentleman, let us reintroduce you guys to, drumroll…

AnyForty die hards will be familiar with Travis Price‘s name from our AnyForty & T-worldThe Australian Invasion” collection we dropped 2 summers ago where he cooked up a mental 5 eyed emu, but if your not, you need to get familiar real quick, Travis is genuine t-shirt design royalty, running his own sick brand over in Melbourne Jimmy Royale, creating designs for the likes of Johnny Cupcakes, Nike, Mambo and local Australian brands like Third Chapter and kids brand Mista Mista alongside a portfolio containing a whole other load of non-t-shirt art, if you’ve a spare half a hour go and trawl through it here, massively inspirational folio! We can’t wait to see what Travis cooks up for this show, whatever it is is sure to deliver a knockout blow!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 2 of 25

Lil behind on the unveiling of artists, but been a hectic ass week so bare with us, so as mentioned with the unveil of Ben Brown a few days ago, we’re gonna be steadily announcing the complete lineup of artists (in no particular order) for our July Versus Exhibition, raising awareness and monies for the UK charity Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably). There’s 25 artists in total, 20 AnyForty regulars and 5 very special guest artists. Well for artist unveil number 2, proud to announce one of our guest artists…

Lads and lasses let us introduce you to the second Ben taking part in this group show, the UK’s very own Ben O’Brien aka Ben The Illustrator!

Those of you AnyForty heads who might not of seen Ben’s work before, your eyes are in for a colour orgasm,  Ben’s beautiful illustrations comprise of a marvellous medley of shapes, form, movement all doused in his trademark upbeat bright colour pallets, we’ve not had the opportunity to work on a garment release with Ben yet but due to the subject matter of this charity and wanting a exhibition full of positive artwork, Ben had to be involved. Pretty much a perfect guest artist for us to invite. Welcome to the AnyForty Family mate!

Stay tuned for rtist Unveil 3 of 25 coming up on Monday…

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 1 of 25

So, so, so proud to have 25 incredible artists signed up to take part in our July Versus Exhibition, raising awareness and monies for the UK charity Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably). Over the next month we’re starting to unveil who’s taking part, as a reminder it’s 20 AnyForty regulars and 5 very special guest artists, and first up  (in no particular order) is…

Super excited to have Mr Brown involved in this, those of you who’ve been a AnyForty head for a few years will remember Ben from his incredible Dead Batman graphic we dropped as part of 2012′s AnyForty & T-world “The Australian Invasion Series” and he’s been solidly building his legacy and crafting his art from his Manly, Sydney studio for longer than most of you guys have been born, proper legendary artist that’s built up a cracking back catalogue of work for legendary surf and skate clothing brands like Mambo, Globe and Rip Curl as well as doing classic gig posters for worldwide megastars like Ice Cube, event posters for Aussie skate/surf competition posters and way too much more sick stuff to mention, check out a couple bits of Ben’s work below and hit up his website for a proper inspirational trawl through his archives. Stay tuned for rtist Unveil 2 of 25 coming up tomorrow…

AnyForty & Tom Mac: Pride, Home, Away & Third Shirts Available Now!

25th April 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

After a few weeks shouting about it, you can now purchase these super limited run Pride garments… We’ll let our longest serving wholesale account Urban Industry explain what they’re all about.

“UK streetwear veterans AnyForty have once again joined forces with acclaimed illustrator Tom Mac to rework their classic Pride artwork for the forthcoming World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The AnyForty & Tom Mac Pride Home, Away and Third pack cleverly uses the patriotic Pride print that first debuted during the London 2012 Olympics and applies it to three t-shirts that mimic the England team’s home, away and third kits.”

#AnyFortyFamily: New Rule Collectives “Come Out To Play” exhibition…

Last night we left the comfort of working in our home studio in Hackney for the mayhem of Thursday night in Shoreditch, where every gallery seems to have a show launching, the whole area is constantly rammo with people on the hunt for free booze and good art. So much going on last night including the opening of the new Rone show “Wallflower” at Stolen Space Gallery and the private viewing of the latest instalment of the Secret 7″ show at Mother, London.  BUT, with 5 AnyForty artists creating new work for the New Rule Collective‘s Warriors inspired show “Come Out To Play” at 5th Base Gallery, just off the curry mafia end of Brick Lane, there was only one place we were gonna be!

So squeezing into a packed gallery, went in to check out exactly what AnyForty Family, Mr Penfold, Tom Mac, Robin Boyden, 45RPM and Mr Gauky had been up to. All 5 had cooked up some incredible work, Penfold’s was straight up trademark classic Mr P, the depth of Robin Boyden’s Hurricanes piece, you could stand at look at it for hours and 45′s stained glass inspired piece just jumped out from a mile away but extra props go to Gauky and Tom Mac, as a added bonus they both took their work off the canvas and into sculptural form, Gauky’s baseball fury bat weapons painted in livid lime green and lilac with sharp nails and cutting barbed wire pretruding with matching hand painted baseballs looked bloody incredible, and Tom Mac’s hand painted bull skull was surrounded all night long, I know it’s the first time we’ve seen a bull skull like that in the flesh/bone and the detailing on it was superb. Nice to see Tom do something totally unexpected and different from his standard digital stuff he’s becoming well known for. Always good to step out your comfort zone in whatever you do in life!

Check out some of our pics from the event below, show officially opens today (11th April) and runs until 17th April, also features great work from the likes of Shotopop, Tom J Newell, Boneface, and many more! So get your self along and check it out in the flesh (minus all the reflections off the glass frames we managed to catch on camera). Great job to Croz for putting on a sick show. Now to dig out The Warriors DVD and give it a rewatch…

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Raising Money And Awareness For Calm

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Way back in July 2010, we took over Bristol’s Start The Bus gallery, to throw our very first charity exhibition, raising money for local Bristol Youth Charity Knowle West Media Centre, raising enough money to fund their entire summer program that gave local kids a 2 week program to take part in a load of media and arts activities.

Now fast forward 4 years to July 2014 and AnyForty is so much bigger than we were back when we called the South West home, and we’ve got the itch to do something to help another worthwhile charity, this time one that’s close to our hearts and being based in London now, got a real opportunity to do something really special, pulling in a lot of people to view and support it and hopefully raising a lot more monies!

It’s no secret than a lot of creative people experience vast highs and lows, especially with modern day pressures to try and keep up with our peers/work colleages/mates, heck even random people you follow on social media.

We’d never heard of Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably) before, was something brought to our attention last year when running our Boxpark pop-up shop, AnyForty Family 45RPM and RichT popped in, freezing cold on a unusually cold and windy March day, covered in paint and shivering and mentioned they were doing this Tom, Dick and Harry campaign for Calm on Old Street.

Spent the last year keeping a eye on what Calm have done and are doing and decided they would be a great charity to (at this moment, unofficially) raise money and awareness for. The subject of young male suicide is something that is close to home for us personally, good friend of ours and old work colleague back in Bath, Dave Williams passed away in April 2011 while we were based briefly in Manchester and it left a hole in our heart, something that’s still empty 3 years later. We’ve wanted to do something in his memory for a long time since, he supported AnyForty from the very start, and know he’d be proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

The scary thing is, out of the 25 artists we hand picked and invited to take part in this new exhibition, at least 1/3rd of them have said they have their own personal experiences of losing young male friends/family/colleagues to suicide.

The facts, and you can read them for yourselves here are Young Male Suicide claims more lives than illness like HIV/AIDS, transport accidents, knife crime and assault.  And in 2011 when our friend Dave passed 76% of all suicides in England and Wales were young males. Truly terrible, but you know what men are like, talking about your feelings is seen as being weak, fuck that, we need to make people aware than talking to people like Calm about your problems is being strong.

So yeah, stay tuned for more info on this event coming up over the next few weeks, including full artist lineup breakdown, venue information, opening night launch party and lots more surprise stuff, you know how we do!

Let’s raise a shit load of money and awareness for Calm and get you some incredible exclusive artwork in exchange for supporting, life is precious, we can’t let the modern day stresses and worries keep on taking young people away from us.

If you wanna whet your whistle, here’s a lil virtual gallery of our last Charity exhibition below and if you wanna make a donation right now to Calm, go here!

Versus Exhibition Virtual Gallery from AnyForty on Vimeo.

Introducing… AnyForty & Tom Mac “Pride” Home, Away and Third T-shirts!

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Releasing on Thursday 24th April at 7pm, these AnyForty & Tom Mac “Pride” shirts pictured below mark the first time since the launch of the London Olympics when the AnyForty Family can purchase a original GB colour way of our long gone sold out Pride graphic.

Not one to ever just reprint stuff for the sake of it, we wanted to do something a lil different, so we’re celebrating national Pride going into the Brazilian 2014 World Cup in June, by releasing these football inspired Pride shirts, White home tee, Red away tee and Navy Third tee. Tee’s have AnyForty Hydro Script right chest print, Pride lion chest print on the left and a full back screen printed number with 45RPM refix logo detail inside of them.

All released in limited quantities on Thursday 24th April at 7pm and retailing at a bargain un-nike like £25!