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#AnyFortyFamily: André Beato’s Nike “We Own The Night 2014″

18th February 2014 | Tags: , ,

Another blog category we’re reviving for 2014, keeping you up to date with what some of your favourite AnyForty artists are up to, first up check out this brilliant piece of typography by André Beato, man behind our Blood, Sweat & 5 Years typography, and this years new AnyForty Family branding. He’s just completed this lovely bit of work for Nike’s womens night race “We Own The Night”, the sick bit of custom type as seen below has then been turned into a fully working neon sign by Shane Griffin of MoGriph. Any AnyForty loving ladies reading this that are intrigued by the event then click the top image to be taken to the sign up page! Great work as always André. Stay tuned to grab his new AnyForty Family garments from Thursday 27th February, 7pm at

AnyForty Spring/Summer 13 “Blood, Sweat & 5 Years” Lookbook…

On Sunday just gone, gathered a bunch of the AnyForty family and we shot our new lookbook with the ever brilliant Rick Nunn in the building site that was our Boxpark store, big part of our year so made sense to combine the two!

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to stand around in tees pretending it was actually Spring/Summer weather instead of minus degrees, enjoy the pics below and remember the new collection is on sale on Friday from the online store, the Boxpark store and all our lovely wholesale family, if your near a wholesale account, get along to em and support your local stores!

This Blood, Sweat & 5 Years collections been a long time in the making, hope you guys love it, lil something for everyone in there… new designs, some classics revisited for those who missed em first time round and some premium cut and sew hoodies and crewnecks.

Oh if you’ve a blog, or you’d just like to see the lookbook full screen, click the title slide below to be taken to a link to download the full pdf from and have a closer look! Ta ra then.


AnyForty “Blood, Sweat & 5 Years” Unveil #1: Brand new designs!

5th March 2013 | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

So today, we are officially 10 calendar days away from launching our new Blood, Sweat & 5 Years collection, launching in our new Boxpark store , online and nationwide in all our lovely wholesale accounts. Friday 15th is the day we put all our eggs in one basket attack the streetwear market with a metal baseball bat to the noggin.

Basic jist of this Blood, Sweat & 5 Years collection, is we’re celebrating 5 bloody tough years, which has seen this one man run business consistently grow year in, year out, in incredibly shit financial times, it hasn’t been easy and not even going to pretend it has been!

Soooooooo, celebrating 5 years, we wanted to bring back a couple of classic designs that we released years ago, designs a lot of you guys might of missed first time around. So this range sees 7 tee designs from the past (2 of them Boxpark store exclusives) re-released in a exclusive new tonal blood red colour pallet and they will sit alongside 4 brand new tee designs, 2 new branded crewneck designs (which will come in 3 colours each) a branded premium zip hood (2 colour ways) and 2 sick snapbacks produced for us by our mates at King Apparel.

To kick off the show, let us introduce you to the brand new tees you’ll be able to buy on the 15th March!

First up, the classic typography that forms the backbone of this new range, Blood, Sweat & 5 Years crafted by the magic hands of André Beato which is available on a white and a black tee.

Next up, a brand new design by a studio we’ve worked with before, but never on garments, so new to the AnyForty tee game, first we have the incredibly imaginative VanilaBCN crew from Spain!

And another artist who’s been involved in the AnyForty family, but never graced a tee yet, Huddersfield’s very own, the man, the myth Mr Gauky!

And last but not least, our very own in house artist Tom Mac finally releases this design we previously crafted for the world famous Mr Eddie Zammit and his NEXT exhibition of 2011 in Sydney, Australia. Been a lot of people wanting this design to drop on UK shores so here you go, we listened to ya!

That’s all for today, come back on Friday 8th March for the second unveil, showing the 7 blasts from the past we’re re-releasing for the very first and last time. Perhaps if your bored hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and try and guess what they are!

AnyForty, Blood, Sweat and 5 Years…

27th November 2012 | Tags: , , ,

We know 2013 isn’t up yet, but with the launch of our calendars last night, the colder weather drawing in and every advert on tv reminding us Christmas is coming, we thought we’d announce something special that we’ve been planning for the last 6 months that we can’t keep secret anymore!

For those of you who’ve been on board for a while, you’ll know the year ending in a one and a three see’s us turn 5 years old, that’s quite a fucking achievement to be frankly honest, especially for a British brand. So to celebrate not only managing to stay afloat but double our business year in year out in the worst financial climate of our time, we think it’s something worth shouting about!

So 2013 see’s us planning a lot of special things, we’ve cooked up this Blood, Sweat & 5 Years campaign, because yep, at times alongside the fun of exhibitions, sample sales and photoshoots, it’s been absolutely horrendously back breaking hard graft and eye sight destroying long hours.

We linked with a long time pal of ours the brilliant André Beato, who created the sick branding for us you see below, the eagle eyed amongst you might of seen it pop up in the calendar pics from yesterday.

We’re trying to make 2013 our biggest year yet, and we’ve some incredible stuff planned that we’re keeping under our bobble hats at the mo but we look forward to sharing it all with you once the year kicks off. March is the official birthday, so stay tuned for some major things happening in that month, London heads you all may as well take the month off work, gonna be a rowdy 31 days! For those of you outside London, we’ll give you plenty notice of events happening in our captial so you can get down, but fear not, we’re planning a few special things outside of the big city too!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us, wether you’ve been down since the early days when we we selling logo tees out of a shared flat in Bath or wether you just discovered us since we moved to the Big Smoke, we appreciate each and every persons contribution to our continued growth, if you’ve bought 1 keyring or 4 tees from each range since we launched. We appreciate your support.

We salute you all!