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AnyForty Spring/Summer 13 “Blood, Sweat & 5 Years” Lookbook…

On Sunday just gone, gathered a bunch of the AnyForty family and we shot our new lookbook with the ever brilliant Rick Nunn in the building site that was our Boxpark store, big part of our year so made sense to combine the two!

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to stand around in tees pretending it was actually Spring/Summer weather instead of minus degrees, enjoy the pics below and remember the new collection is on sale on Friday from the online store, the Boxpark store and all our lovely wholesale family, if your near a wholesale account, get along to em and support your local stores!

This Blood, Sweat & 5 Years collections been a long time in the making, hope you guys love it, lil something for everyone in there… new designs, some classics revisited for those who missed em first time round and some premium cut and sew hoodies and crewnecks.

Oh if you’ve a blog, or you’d just like to see the lookbook full screen, click the title slide below to be taken to a link to download the full pdf from and have a closer look! Ta ra then.


Innovate don’t imitate…

19th January 2012 | Tags: , , ,

So, if you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have seen a big storm of internet excitement blew up quickly yesterday – we’re dubbing it “Teefgate”. One of our guys stumbled across a poster for a Heavy Metal club night stuck up in Bristol that had badly scanned in our AnyForty x Another Example design, and put their own spin on it.

Quick search found a Facebook group for the event, and then a link to the “designer” who created this poster. Claiming it was so good he should start being paid to design them. Ahem…

Anyway, issued them with a nice, firm yet friendly response on Facebook to ask them to stop using this image as it’s from our products and total copyright belongs to the artist Another Example.

However, we thought that the guy who stole our work and changed the colours to a rather shitty combination of poo browns and dehydrated urine golds deserved to be taught a lesson.

So perhaps rather childishly we unleashed the AnyForty hounds on him through Twitter. 30 mins later the post was swamped with over 70 replies from people letting the guy know exactly what they think about people who teef artwork. Screen-grabbed the lot and thought it’d be a good warning to stick it online today.

However, thinking about it, we reckon the guy’s hopefully and probably learnt his lesson now. Pretty humiliating having your work pulled by a client because you stole an illustration, and pretty embarrassing getting 70+ strangers having a go at you online. The images have been deleted from the Facebook page, posters have been pulled down, and we’ll spare the guy any more grief.

Moral of the story for anyone else out there thinking you can rob people’s work, make a few colour changes and use it as your own (even if it’s for something as non profit as a Facebook graphic promoting a gig night) – you don’t have to be making money to break a copyright fools! Remember the internet is a damn small place. Many eyes out there, shit gets seen and you will get caught out!

Just lucky you get caught by nice people like us, not sure how other brands/businesses would of reacted, some people quick to issue lawyer letters.

In fact all this business has probably taught us a lesson too, little stuff like our Melbs crewneck with Donal Duck-esque hands, we’re gonna stay the fuck away from stuff like that in the future. All artwork’s gotta be super legit, super original. If we can find people’s blatant teefing of our work, perhaps other people can take offense to tiny bits of inspiration taken from copyrighted work and we don’t really need any letters from Disney. No thanks…

New motto kids – whatever you do, make sure you Innovate don’t Imitate! Biting is for fucking chumps.