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AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 27

What a incredible few months it’s been unveiling all the incredible artists and we’re quite sad because the announcements come to a end now. But without further a due, we’re incredibly excited to announce last but never, ever least artist number 27 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th and raising funds for the great charity Calm, and again, ladies and gentleman it’s a name all AnyForty fans will know…

Melbourne raised, London based artist Purdi Petunia has been down with the good ship AnyForty since Summer 2010, making her debut with her incredible hand drawn Sailor Girl design that’s one of the fastest selling AnyForty designs in our 6 year history and came back with a swift kick to the nuts in Summer 2012 as part of our Australian Invasion Series with T-world Journal, with her collaboration with Australian photographer Nick Delaney, turning the lovely Emma Summer into a beautifully detailed winged angel. Since then Purdi’s been doing her thing painting murals all over London, including two giant pieces at Translate Bar in Shoreditch, a sick huge chalk piece at Vagabond Wine Bar in Central London and has some superb stuff in the pipeline including a mural at Instagram’s London HQ (How sick is that?!! ) that’s all alongside killing it in her “day job” as lead digital designer at Central London studio Galvanize. Grafter!!  AnyForty’s very own super girl has something very special up her sleeve for this group show and we can’t wait for you to see it! Remember folks, Thursday 24th July, from 6pm at 5th Base Gallery, the fun and festivities kick off. Come along, bring your wallets (we’ll be accepting cash and cards) and support a fucking brilliant cause. Profits from sales of the prints, t-shirts and all the other goodies from Purdi and the other 26 great artists we have for sale on the night will be going to the UK charity CALM. You’re getting incredible limited edition affordable art and supporting a superb charity. What’s not to like?!

AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 25

23 days to go till the show kicks off, and still unveiling artists, better get a crack on! So folks get ready for the unveiling of artist number 25 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce another artist AnyForty regulars will be more than aware of, ladies and gentleman it’s…

Sprinkles is a incredibly sick artist we first stumbled across in 2012 via his good mate and AnyForty Family Dale Bigeni, and as soon as we saw his work, knew we had to collaborate with him, and collaborate we did, Sprinkles blessing us with a incredible design as part of our Chapter 01 range. Sprinkles is a self taught contemporary artist and tattooer based in Sydney, who’s canvas is skin, paper, walls, basically whatever dude can draw on he will. Deadly with a needle, pen, paint brush or paint can. No stopping our man from creating art! Super stoked to have him on board the good train AnyForty for this Charity Group Show, such a sick trademark style, you’re gonna love what he’s created. Much love fella look forward to making it to Sydney some day and getting a permanent collaboration from you!

AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 18 of 25

First day of the working week and onto the last 7 artists for our incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th in support of the UK charity CALM, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce another of our guest artists, and one of only two ladies involved, girls and guys it’s another AnyForty fan favourite…

Deb, originally from Melbourne is one of Australia’s finest street art exports, you guys were first introduced to her via her incredible  Day Of The Deb girl we dropped as part of 2012′s AnyForty & T-world “The Australian Invasion Series” Since then she’s left Australia and made the tricky leap to the states and has been regularly painting pieces on American concrete and is steadily covering West Coast walls with her instantly recognisable fine art and murals, featuring colourful strong female characters, animals and flowers. Equally at home creating art away from walls too, regularly crafting pieces using acrylics and oils on wood or canvas, but it’s her street art that really blows our minds. We visited Melbourne for the first time in November 2013 and didn’t quite realise how hard Deb grafts, you only had to go a few streets before you saw another Deb piece, girl is prolific with work all over Melbourne in bars, on walls, and even in shops as commissioned murals. Super stoked to have her down for the cause, great artist, lovely person and you guys are gonna love what she’s cooked up for us, it’s so good!

AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 15 of 25

Back with the quickness, no time to catch your breath folks following the event location unveil, proud to hit you off with artist unveil number 15 of 25 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce another of our brand new guest artists…

Alongside Justin Maller, Luke Choice aka Velvet Spectrum is another Australian artist currently based in New York and a artist we’ve known since… think 2009/2010?! Basically a long ass time, first meeting him through AnyForty collaborators MegaMunden and Another Example on a boozy weekend in Brighton. He’s been a artist we’ve always kept track off, dudes really found his style the last few years and has been crafting it as part of the incredible Vault49 studio in New York during the day and producing some incredible personal work outside of it. His 3D work is really jaw dropping, but so far wasn’t something we thought would translate well to traditional screen printed garments, however with this group show being digital prints, it made sense to get him involved, can be sure whatever he does will absolutely blow your mind. If you haven’t come across Velvet Spectrum’s work yet, feast your eyes on some of the gems below and get inspired. We’re super stoked to have him involved in the show, welcome to the AnyForty Family pal!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 12 of 25

First up, apologies on the delay of these blog posts, if you didn’t see on the social media tip, been up in Aberdeen tearing down the stage of a incredible creative conference called The Meat, alongside the likes of illustration and design legends like JamFactory, Brand Nu, Signalnoise and Aaron Draplin. If you wanna see talks from those fellas, there’s a digital pass being sold here.

Anyway, back to business and proud to hit you square in the face with artist unveil number 12 of 25 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced real soon) in July, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce a previous collaborator to the AnyForty Family first seen in the AnyForty & T-world “The Australian Invasion Series” ladies and gentlefellows, let us reintroduce you to another Australian collaborator…

Repping Sydney town to the fullest and hailing from a sick family of artists, Dale, his brother Benny, and their pops are all incredible pencil man handlers. Dale is hands down one of the hardest working artists we know, balancing a incredible work ethic alongside family life raising 2 little girls, we got nothing but respect for his graft, incredibly humble even though he’s rapidly growing in name, smashing stuff for heavyweight clients like Harley Davidson and Sullen. He’s making a name for himself by being one of the sickest artists to smash up black and white illos since Mr Giant first picked up a pen, no one can flip a skull like our man Dale. His style and the way he tears illustrator up is immense, just look at the shading in the hat and the roses in the Mr Black Owl illo below. Now Mr Bigeni smashes skulls out for fun, but we thought this being a exhibition that’s helping to raise awareness of young male suicide, was probably best to stay away from anything that resembles death, and boy, our pal has come through and blown our minds.  All you fellow 80′s baby’s it’s gonna blow your minds. Much love to Dale for getting involved with the AnyForty cause once again. AnyFortyFamily fo’ life!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 5 of 25

Proud to continue the unveiling of our incredible lineup of 25 worldwide artists that we’ve pulled together for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July, with an incredible artist who is completely new to the AnyForty Family , ladies and gentleman give a warm family welcome to…

Justin Maller is a illustrator and art director from Melbourne, Australia who is now based in Brooklyn, NY, he’s a man we’ve known about for a long ass time now,  but have never had a chance to work with him yet, until now!  The art geeks in you will know Justin is the man behind the digital modern art collective Depthcore, and as a freelancer has cracked up a banging client list including the likes of Dolby, Verizon, Nike, and Coca-Cola. If your not familiar with his name, you’ll certainly of seen his work before, man is a absolute fucking monster in photoshop.

Super proud to have him involved in this project and can’t wait to see what he cooks up alongside the rest of the jaw dropping lineup.

So that’s 1/5th of the final line up revealed so far, joining Justin is Paulo Arraiano, Travis Price, Ben The Illustrator and Ben Brown. Who’s up next? Tune in on Wednesday to find out!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 3 of 25

Proud to continue the unveiling of the 25 artists (in no particular order) for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July. So ladies and gentleman, let us reintroduce you guys to, drumroll…

AnyForty die hards will be familiar with Travis Price‘s name from our AnyForty & T-worldThe Australian Invasion” collection we dropped 2 summers ago where he cooked up a mental 5 eyed emu, but if your not, you need to get familiar real quick, Travis is genuine t-shirt design royalty, running his own sick brand over in Melbourne Jimmy Royale, creating designs for the likes of Johnny Cupcakes, Nike, Mambo and local Australian brands like Third Chapter and kids brand Mista Mista alongside a portfolio containing a whole other load of non-t-shirt art, if you’ve a spare half a hour go and trawl through it here, massively inspirational folio! We can’t wait to see what Travis cooks up for this show, whatever it is is sure to deliver a knockout blow!

TEES: Exploring Melbourne’s T-shirt culture

18th January 2013 | Tags: , , , ,

As always our mates at T-world Journal from Australia are keeping crazy busy, the latest project for Mr Zammit and gang is this sick exhibition called Tees. Showcasing Melbourne’s finest tee brands and culture. We can’t wait to see what Melbourne has to offer for the first time later this year!

Great lil vid, go watch it below and get inspired…

T-world Issue 7 – The New York Issue!

8th December 2011 | Tags: , , , , ,

Our good mates down under at T-world are on a roll right about now. As if coming to the end of curating the month-long NEXT project on Cockatoo Island (Sydney) wasn’t enough, they’ve also just dropped the brand new issue of the mag that they’ve been working on for the last year.

Completely redesigned and relaunched for issue 7. Featuring a posh-as-fuck hardback cover, knocking on the doors of 200 beautifully designed and researched pages featuring a who’s who of the New York scene, including legends like jeffstaple, Mishka, Only NY, 10 Deep, Supreme, Reason, The Hundreds & the man behind the “I HEART NY” graphic – Milton Glaser – alongside so much more!

The mag’s just dropped in Australia, already sold out at HalfSleeve, but is due in more stockists any day now.

Unfortunately for us Europeans, it’s not due to make its way over to our shores until some point next Spring. If you don’t want to wait ’til then, go buy one from overseas, I know that’s what we’re going to do. First UK-based reader to get a copy of the mag and take a picture of them holding it, showing the page with our first ever full page advert on, gets a free AnyForty tee!


7th November 2011 | Tags: , , , , ,

So you’ve seen a few blog posts below about this NEXT exhibition we’ve taken place in over at Sydney, Australia as part of the huge Outpost Project, well thanks to Eddie from T-world magazine who’s running the show and the brilliant photographer Nicole Reed we can now show you the event with some slick atmospheric photography taken over the weekend when it first opened to the Australian public, this event is huge, trust us. 10,000 people passed through in the first weekend alone. Open for about 6 full weeks too. Epic!

The NEXT exhibition is basically 3 exhibitions in one, a huge showcase of thousands of hanging tee’s painfully displayed in gradiated rows of colour, including some of our finest designs from the first few years hanging alongside legends like Rebel 8, The Hundreds, our homey Benny Gold, SSUR, Mishka. There’s also a exhibition of Nicole Reed’s portrait photography featuring exclusive quotes from world famous artists and brands on what the Future holds for T-shirt art alongside photography shot over the years for T-world mag, and finally a Future tee’s exhibition that showcases 20 exclusive new designs from brands and artists around the world. More on that later…

The exhibition also had a world exclusive viewing of a new french made T-shirt documentary called T-Stories, click the pic below to check out the trailer!

Back onto this Future tee’s exhibition, basically, I think 20 brands and artists from around the world were asked to produce a exclusive design for the show, with a T-shirt graphic on how they saw tee shirt art in the future, 2015 to be precise. These included guys like Alex Trochut, 123Klan, Mambo, Sixpack, Volcom, JeffStaple, Jeremyville, Threadless, loads of big fucking dogs, and um little old us repping the UK alongside our family Waste!

Our idea for the future of T-shirt art was basically that at the current moment in time, 2011 creeping into 2012, brands such as Only, Carhartt, Alife etc are smashing the market with such simplistic vector design work, nothing wrong with their art, in fact it’s pretty fucking sick, but being a brand that thrives on great illustration, we want to see more detailed artwork coming to the forefront, artwork that really let’s the artist show off what they can do, not just knowing how to trace things in illustrator, but really fucking knowing how illustrator works and creating artwork that makes the punters eye balls explode in their head, unable to take in all that detail. Artwork that really tests the screen printers by reproducing what looks amazing on screen onto a cotton canvas.
So to demonstrate that we linked up with up coming talent Tom Mac, who spent a silly amount of time on a absolutely bananas 8 colour drippy Panther. Check it out in the event below and to see it more in detail, minus reflections etc we’ve stuck up a exclusive desktop image of the design you can grab and stick on your computers, print out and stick on the wall, do whatever you want, just witness the sickness! Just click the image to open up a download link for it!
If you’re in Australia there’s really no excuse not to go see this event. It’s a honour to be involved and we salute all our new Australian mates, Eddie Zammit, Nicole Reed, Sarah Halfpenny, Ben and Dale Bigeni, Alex Lehours, keep your eyes peeled for more AnyForty Australian love in early 2012.

Proud to have our design sitting right next to the legends 123Klan and their Bandit-1$M range. Stoked!

And here’s that desktop you can download, click to open the download link!