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NEXT full coverage is nearly here…

3rd November 2011 | Tags: , , , ,

Pics are starting to pop up on Australian blogs from last nights private opening of the NEXT exhibition on Cockatoo Island, Sydney. Looking forward to seeing more and as soon as we do we’ll show you em all! ¬†We’ve some designs in the absolutely ridiculously huge T-shirt display that you can see hanging from the ceiling amongst brands like Benny Gold, Zoo York, Mishka and Rebel 8, but we’re especially excited to see how our contribution to the Future tee’s exhibition measures up against the big boys. Exclusive new artwork in display cases from world famous brands and artists including Alex Trochut, Sixpack France, Bandit-1$M, Taken, Mambo and lot’s more. We’re the only UK brand involved and the only other UK artist is our family Waste… BIG IN THE GAME!!!