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BOOM! For Real 2

24th October 2013 | Tags: , ,

AnyForty Australian stockists Verb Syndicate are putting on a rad group show called BOOM! For Real 2. Taking place in the Project Contemporary Artspace  in Wollongong, just outside of Sydney, featuring a sick group of local, national and international street artists and photographers which kicks off tomorrow night, Friday October 25th. Features previous AnyForty collaborators Numskull and Beastman alongside many more incredible artists. If your anywhere near, it’s well worth a visit.


AnyForty & T-world mini issues. A closer look…

So for those of you who haven’t treated yourself to a new tee from our AnyForty & T-world collaboration yet, we thought we’d show you exactly what your missing out on.

So each tee comes with a mini 24 page artist specific issue of T-world, featuring all exclusive content, a showcase of the relevant artists work, alongside a exclusive interview and lot’s more goodness.

Take a look below and see what you get for your 30 gold coins with a few sample spreads of each issue, and remember tees and mini issue’s on sale for £30 a pack, direct from us at our AnyForty store or hit up any of our retailers, we’ve got Urban Industry in Eastbourne, Focus in Glasgow and Edinburgh, The Chimp Store in Leeds and Mimm in Nottingham.

Who else do you know that puts this much effort into a drop of tees? Matching swing tags, mini mags, the lot, we don’t fuck around! Cheers to our man Rick Nunn for the pack shots, White Duck for the brillant job on the tees and Ripe Digital for printing these mini mags and swing tags for us.

We’re so over the moon with the final collection but we need the word of AnyForty to keep spreading, our mission isn’t complete just yet.

So peoples, please do your bit, retweet and reblog this post, go forth and spread the good word of the big four ohh!

Beastman pack

Ben Bigeni pack

Dale Bigeni pack

Ben Brown pack

Deb pack

Meggs pack

Numskull pack

Purdi Petunia pack

Travis Price pack

Ken Taylor pack

Behind the scenes of our Australian Invasion Series production.

So a few months back, when the new range was being produced, we headed down to White Duck in our home of 9 years, Bath to film the new range for the Broken Antler promo video, took a load of photographs of the day and thought it kinda rude not to share as we know a lot of you guys like seeing the process behind the production. So below check out the Beastman design from the AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series being printed. Remember the range is available to buy now from the online store or direct from Urban Industry, Focus Scotland, The Chimp Store and our new stockists Mimm.

Big up Joshua, Bex and the whole White Duck team for incredible work as always!

AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series – Lookbook

So you all should be aware, tonight we’ve a worldwide launch party for the new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, it’s at Gallery Bar, New York City, with a exhibition of all the final artwork for the range.

Well we didn’t want you guys back home in the UK and Europe who’ve supported us since the start to miss out, so we’re unveiling the full range right now for you to see, shot for us by our man, the internet famous Rick Nunn!

Remember, the range goes on sale Monday 14th May 7pm GMT. £30 for a pack containing a tee and a artist specific 24 page mini T-world issue. Get those wallets ready peoples!

Sweat, blood and ink

We’ve been chatting for the last month about this new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, and slowly leaking artist information to you. Well it’s not all just chat – products are being made as we speak, and on Monday we headed across to press pass and film the Beastman design being printed. The very first tee from the range to be made!

We can’t actually unveil the finished designs yet – still keeping that shit a surprise, but check out some sneak peeks from the printing process. Each design’s colours are mixed from scratch and the designs are all pulled by hand. Big ups to Dunc for doing an immense job on the first two designs – hope those blisters on his hands heal up quickly. It’s skilled, hard graft this, kids!

The range is coming sooner than you know. Thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait! Trust!

AnyForty & T-world presents… BEASTMAN

8th March 2012 | Tags: , , , ,

Here is the first of our 10 Australian artists being featured in The Australian Invasion Series… Beastman.

Who is Beastman, to those who don’t know you? I’m a painter, illustrator, photographer and designer, based in Sydney.

What do you think of Australian street art compared to the rest of the world? I think our isolation from the rest of the world has forced us to create a very strong local art scene. Some Australian artists such as Dabs Myla, Ben Frost, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Meggs, Mark Whalen and YOK, have already branched out internationally and there are many more soon to follow.

How would you describe your style? The work I create is my interpretation of nature and its potential. It’s been developed through years of drawing characters and my love of design, symmetry, geometry, nature, life forms, graffiti, skateboarding culture, science fiction, the future and human behaviour.

What do you know about the UK in general? My father was born there. It’s cold in winter, it’s quite a small country with too many people in it. They have one of the best football leagues in the world.

When was the last time you were in the UK, and tell us about a memorable experience you had? I was in London in April 2011 with my wife. The best times we had were spent at the pub with our friends, and seeing an Arsenal game at Emirates Stadium. I went painting roller doors with Mr Penfold, which was fun too.

Unseen TV looks at The Outpost Project

If you’ve been hitting up the blog over the last week, you’ll have seen us banging on about our involvement in NEXT as part of the amazing Outpost Project in Sydney, Australia.

Just stumbled across this video from the unseenTVcrew. Pretty nice to see some moving pictures instead of the static ones we’ve been dribbling over last few days. Good to see our new homey Ben from Taken getting a lot of shine as part of the Secret Wars crew, good to see Nicole Reed who’s photography forms part of the NEXT project getting some camera time too!

People need to understand Australia’s got some serious artists fam! Keep your eyes peeled for more Australian love from us in the year of 12, until then, someone on our shores needs to do something of Outpost’s scale. The UK needs it. If only we had the time and money to do it – we’d be in there like badly-fitting swimwear.