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AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 1 of 25

So, so, so proud to have 25 incredible artists signed up to take part in our July Versus Exhibition, raising awareness and monies for the UK charity Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably). Over the next month we’re starting to unveil who’s taking part, as a reminder it’s 20 AnyForty regulars and 5 very special guest artists, and first up  (in no particular order) is…

Super excited to have Mr Brown involved in this, those of you who’ve been a AnyForty head for a few years will remember Ben from his incredible Dead Batman graphic we dropped as part of 2012′s AnyForty & T-world “The Australian Invasion Series” and he’s been solidly building his legacy and crafting his art from his Manly, Sydney studio for longer than most of you guys have been born, proper legendary artist that’s built up a cracking back catalogue of work for legendary surf and skate clothing brands like Mambo, Globe and Rip Curl as well as doing classic gig posters for worldwide megastars like Ice Cube, event posters for Aussie skate/surf competition posters and way too much more sick stuff to mention, check out a couple bits of Ben’s work below and hit up his website for a proper inspirational trawl through his archives. Stay tuned for rtist Unveil 2 of 25 coming up tomorrow…

Free AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series iPhone wallpapers!

As a lil treat for a rainy Tuesday, we’ve just cooked up some free AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series wallpapers of the current range for you lucky pups.

At the moment, these wallpapers are just available for iPhones, so click the image below, to be taken to a zShare page and grab the full set of 10, now you can rep the likes of Beastman, Ben Bigeni, Dale Bigeni, Deb, Ben Brown, Meggs, Numskull, Purdi Petunia, Travis Price and Ken Taylor on your phones!

Grab em, share em around and let the world know about our current drop, still on sale for a bargain £30 with mini issue of T-world from here!

AnyForty & T-world mini issues. A closer look…

So for those of you who haven’t treated yourself to a new tee from our AnyForty & T-world collaboration yet, we thought we’d show you exactly what your missing out on.

So each tee comes with a mini 24 page artist specific issue of T-world, featuring all exclusive content, a showcase of the relevant artists work, alongside a exclusive interview and lot’s more goodness.

Take a look below and see what you get for your 30 gold coins with a few sample spreads of each issue, and remember tees and mini issue’s on sale for £30 a pack, direct from us at our AnyForty store or hit up any of our retailers, we’ve got Urban Industry in Eastbourne, Focus in Glasgow and Edinburgh, The Chimp Store in Leeds and Mimm in Nottingham.

Who else do you know that puts this much effort into a drop of tees? Matching swing tags, mini mags, the lot, we don’t fuck around! Cheers to our man Rick Nunn for the pack shots, White Duck for the brillant job on the tees and Ripe Digital for printing these mini mags and swing tags for us.

We’re so over the moon with the final collection but we need the word of AnyForty to keep spreading, our mission isn’t complete just yet.

So peoples, please do your bit, retweet and reblog this post, go forth and spread the good word of the big four ohh!

Beastman pack

Ben Bigeni pack

Dale Bigeni pack

Ben Brown pack

Deb pack

Meggs pack

Numskull pack

Purdi Petunia pack

Travis Price pack

Ken Taylor pack

Make Great Together presented by Threadless and T-world

7th June 2012 | Tags: , , , ,

Australian heads, your in for a treat, our ever busy buddies at T-world have linked up with Threadless and Ambush Gallery to present a exhibition of 200 Threadless tees curated by the founder of T-world Eddie Zammit, it all  happens tomorrow night. Friday June 8th, in Sydney.

Best part of the night for us though, a wall mural painted by the legend Ben Brown who created this immense tee from our new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion series.

Click the event’s facebook page to rsvp, and hit up the online store to support Ben and cop his tee!

AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series – Lookbook

So you all should be aware, tonight we’ve a worldwide launch party for the new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, it’s at Gallery Bar, New York City, with a exhibition of all the final artwork for the range.

Well we didn’t want you guys back home in the UK and Europe who’ve supported us since the start to miss out, so we’re unveiling the full range right now for you to see, shot for us by our man, the internet famous Rick Nunn!

Remember, the range goes on sale Monday 14th May 7pm GMT. £30 for a pack containing a tee and a artist specific 24 page mini T-world issue. Get those wallets ready peoples!

AnyForty & T-world presents… BEN BROWN

20th March 2012 | Tags: , , , ,

Our next artist in The Australian Invasion Series is Ben Brown; a man whose art Australians grew up seeing on everything – flyers, posters and now, of course, tees.

Who is Ben Brown, to those who don’t know you? A mild-mannered father of two young boys, who at full moon relishes biting the heads off seagulls, drinking their blood and indulging his passion for drawing skulls.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? I view most of my favourite artists online and frequently have no idea where they reside. Having said that, there is definitely a community of illustrators and artists here with shared ideals and motivation.

How would you describe your style? I am influenced by the things I grew up with; skateboarding, surfing and super loud hardcore punk thrash death metal rock ‘n’ roll. I love ‘70s surf art, 80s skateboard art and rock posters. I guess my style is a mishmash of all those things.

What do you know about the UK in general? They have a fearsome Queen who will not die, and rules them with an iron fist.

Have you ever been to the UK and tell us about a memorable experience you had? When my wife was a long-haul hostess we spent Christmas in London while she was working. We crept through a big park and viewed the Palace of Dread where their mighty Queen resides, but she was away terrorising the poor people of Balmoral. So we went to the pub… I liked it.