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Behind the Beats and Flyotw in association with AnyForty Presents: Hobbit

4th June 2013 | Tags: , , ,

Yigga yes, the 4th and final video in our North East Forty Degrees video by the Flyotw team in association with Vibe Magazine showcases non other than our first and favourite (ssshhh, don’t tell the others) beatboxer, Mr Hobbit!

If your a AnyForty regular, Hobbit doesn’t need any introduction, he smashed the Be Street Weeknd with us in Paris, blessed our private pop up store opening party alongside Ball-Zee and Experimental (must watch if you haven’t seen it already), constantly supporting and wearing our garms and is one of the most familiar faces of the AnyForty family and also one of our puppy’s favourite people in this world, one sight of Hobbit and Monni’s tail goes into overdrive, so ladies and gentleman, click the link below and prepare to blow your ear drums out your melon!

Big thanks to James, George and James who form the Flyotw team, these guys producing some of the sickest videos around and plenty more to come from em in the future!

Behind the Beats and Flyotw in association with AnyForty Presents: Marv-ill

4th June 2013 | Tags: , , , ,

So we’ve been so hectic with running this AnyForty pop up store during the day and daily day to day brand business on the nightime that we’ve slipped on some of our blog fodder, luckily today we’re on the catchup tip, and kicking it off with this incredible 3rd video in our North East Forty Degrees video by the Flyotw team in association with Vibe Magazine showcasing a artist most you guys will be new to, the incredible Marv-ill aka Marv-ill Superlungs!! So yeah another incredible video by the Flyotw boys, click below, turn up the speakers and prepare to be blown away!

Behind the Beats and Flyotw in association with AnyForty Presents: Experimental

27th March 2013 | Tags: , ,

Yessir, the second North East Forty Degrees video by the Flyotw team has just dropped exclusively on Vibe Magazine. This time our mate Myles aka Experimental steps to the mic and absolutely smashes the bum hole out of it!
If you like what you see make sure you come along to the AnyForty Boxpark Takeover event on April 18th, it’s free, we’ve booze supplied by Desperado and we’ve live performances by Experimental and Ball-Zee alongside a set by our man The Last Skeptik and some bars being spat by the incredible Illaman. Check the flyer out below and mark that date in your diaries. Gonna be bonkers!


Flyotw x Jazz Cafe presents… KRS One

21st September 2012 | Tags: , , ,

After dropping the incredibly sick documentary of Evidence performing in London, our mates Flyotw have reupped with the lovely folks at Jazz Cafe and made the second video in the series. This time with the silly fucking legendary KRS One, keep your eyes peeled for a lil AnyForty cameo too. Great video lads, can’t wait to see who’s up next!

Jazz Cafe Presents… Episode Two | KRS One from James Mckenzie-Blyth on Vimeo.

Flyotw x Jazz Cafe presents… Evidence

1st August 2012 | Tags: , , ,

Fresh from the success of our recent AnyForty & Flyotw Numskull video, the Flyotw guys have stepped up and just produced a brilliant video for the Jazz Cafe crew with one of our all time favourite mc’s Evidence. Filmed at the legendary Jazz Cafe venue in Camden, London, the Flyotw lads have absolutely smashed this slick video of Evidence touring his Cats & Dogs LP to bits, and best news, it’s the first in a serious of videos from some of your favourite hip hop mc’s, next one is gonna make people wet their kecks!

AnyForty & Flyotw present… Numskull

Yes fam! Check out our first promo video in a series of collaborations with the brilliant Flyotw, showcasing AnyForty artists at work!

This first clip is spotlighting Numskull, who was over in London on a 2 week stay from Sydney and one of the stars of the current AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series with a instrumental soundtrack by our mate The Last Skeptik, taken from his upcoming album with Rewd Adams “How Not To Make A Living”

Check the video out below, and if your on Facebook click here to see a gallery of behind the scenes shots from the day!

AnyForty & Flyotw Present… Numskull (Teaser trailer!)

On a Sunday morning in late May, we hooked up with our mate, the brilliant Numskull from Sydney, who is one of the 10 incredible artists that form our new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, and took him to Carlton’s Cafe in Hackney Wick, just metres away from the London Olympic Stadium, and let him work his magic on a blank wall. Gold medals all round yo!

This is the teaser for the full length promo created by James McKenzie-Blyth aka Flyotw, which will blow you away, and it’s coming sooner than you think… First in a series of video collaborations we’re doing with Flyotw, taking you behind the scenes of some of your favourite AnyForty artists at work.

Big up our mate Greg from VNA for giving us the heads up about the space to paint, and shout to the guys at Carlton Cafe for accommodating us for the afternoon.