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AnyForty & Flyotw Present… Numskull (Teaser trailer!)

On a Sunday morning in late May, we hooked up with our mate, the brilliant Numskull from Sydney, who is one of the 10 incredible artists that form our new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, and took him to Carlton’s Cafe in Hackney Wick, just metres away from the London Olympic Stadium, and let him work his magic on a blank wall. Gold medals all round yo!

This is the teaser for the full length promo created by James McKenzie-Blyth aka Flyotw, which will blow you away, and it’s coming sooner than you think… First in a series of video collaborations we’re doing with Flyotw, taking you behind the scenes of some of your favourite AnyForty artists at work.

Big up our mate Greg from VNA for giving us the heads up about the space to paint, and shout to the guys at Carlton Cafe for accommodating us for the afternoon.

4 Months in… Welcome to our new surroundings!

So, for those of you who are regular readers, you’ll know in late September last year, we packed up shop and left a short stay in Manchester for the bright lights of London, in our quest to pull up some of that gold they pave their streets with and spend it growing the brand. Haven’t seen any gold-paved streets yet, but after 4 months, the resounding report is, we love it down here!

London is such a creative place to be, always lots going on, and plenty of inspiration to soak in. For the last 4 months regularly walked past and around loads of brilliant street art in the East where we now call home, but never actually documented much of it, apart from on our Instagram.

So thought we’d take a trip out today with the camera and take some pics of our favourite bits. Had to dodge all the Sunday hipsters, and the camera battery died after 30 mins, but we still got some gems…

One artist who regularly seems to pop up everywhere is the first one we’ll show, a certain Mr Malarky. Dude’s artwork is bloody everywhere, on shutters, people’s doorways, to painted on the side of vans. Man’s got a nice style that brightens up grey winter streets. Good work fella!