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AnyForty & Tom Mac: Pride, Home, Away & Third Shirts Available Now!

25th April 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

After a few weeks shouting about it, you can now purchase these super limited run Pride garments… We’ll let our longest serving wholesale account Urban Industry explain what they’re all about.

“UK streetwear veterans AnyForty have once again joined forces with acclaimed illustrator Tom Mac to rework their classic Pride artwork for the forthcoming World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The AnyForty & Tom Mac Pride Home, Away and Third pack cleverly uses the patriotic Pride print that first debuted during the London 2012 Olympics and applies it to three t-shirts that mimic the England team’s home, away and third kits.”

AnyForty x Tom Mac: Pride (GB colourway)

31st July 2012 | Tags: , , , , ,

If you were on our facebook/twitter accounts on Friday, you’d of seen what happened when we dropped the exclusive GB colourway of our Tom Mac Pride tee.

We sold out 90% of our stock in under 2 hours, last few bits and bobs over the rest of the day, and we’ve currently only 2 medium tees left in stock here.

If you slept and missed out, fret not kids, our good mates and long time supporters at Urban Industry and The Chimp Store have small/medium/large breakdowns in stock so hit them up quick smart before they join the extra larges in being sold out for ever.

Because this tee sold out quickly, we’re not gonna front, we did consider reprinting some more, but that’s not us, we stick to our word.

When a AnyForty product drops and it sells out, then it does not get reprinted, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good in that colourway.

This pride graphic is our new mascot, represents everything about our brand and our roots, it will appear again at various times and on various different products but never in this Union Jack colourway again, so stay tuned to see when it next pops up and what it looks like!

Big up Tom Mac for grabbing his Gold Medal by creating the fastest selling AnyForty tee of all time, and big up’s to The Chimp Store for the great pic below.

AnyForty x Tom Mac: Great British tee

15th July 2012 | Tags: , , ,

If you regularly check our Facebook page or Twitter account, you’ll of seen a few weeks ago we leaked a picture of a upcoming new tee we’re dropping end of next week!

After our current amazing Australian Invasion Series  featuring the cream of the crop of down under with the guys at T-world, we wanted to remind people exactly where we’re from, so we’ve hooked up with one of the most exciting young British illustration talents around in Tom Mac to showcase our love of our great country, in a year when there’s a lot of national pride, with the Olympics 5 mins up the road from us, the Auld Queen’s Diamond Jubillee, Andy Murray reaching the Wimbledon Final and our football team actually doing pretty well after being written off by everybody in the Euro’s. Even though our economy is in tatters,  2012 is actually  a pretty fucking good year to be British!

So we’ve cooked up an amazing new British lion tee that you should all be proud to rep. AnyForty x Tom Mac released Friday July 27th for our regular price of £25. Dropping simultaniously on our store and in Urban Industy in Eastbourne and Chimp Store in Leeds, this one won’t hang around so don’t miss out!