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Dang, today’s the day for posting videos it seems. Following the post below of coverage from the Outpost Project, we’ve now been given a promo video for the NEXT exhibition for you lot to wet your whistles with.
Check it out, and if you’ve got a credit card, get that muthafucka out and book some plane tickets for Sydney, Australia. Looks way too sick in the face, as with everything about this exhibition, the presentation of it is next level sick in the face!!

P.S. Jim Parry is a fucking don! UK STANDUP!!!


7th November 2011 | Tags: , , , , ,

So you’ve seen a few blog posts below about this NEXT exhibition we’ve taken place in over at Sydney, Australia as part of the huge Outpost Project, well thanks to Eddie from T-world magazine who’s running the show and the brilliant photographer Nicole Reed we can now show you the event with some slick atmospheric photography taken over the weekend when it first opened to the Australian public, this event is huge, trust us. 10,000 people passed through in the first weekend alone. Open for about 6 full weeks too. Epic!

The NEXT exhibition is basically 3 exhibitions in one, a huge showcase of thousands of hanging tee’s painfully displayed in gradiated rows of colour, including some of our finest designs from the first few years hanging alongside legends like Rebel 8, The Hundreds, our homey Benny Gold, SSUR, Mishka. There’s also a exhibition of Nicole Reed’s portrait photography featuring exclusive quotes from world famous artists and brands on what the Future holds for T-shirt art alongside photography shot over the years for T-world mag, and finally a Future tee’s exhibition that showcases 20 exclusive new designs from brands and artists around the world. More on that later…

The exhibition also had a world exclusive viewing of a new french made T-shirt documentary called T-Stories, click the pic below to check out the trailer!

Back onto this Future tee’s exhibition, basically, I think 20 brands and artists from around the world were asked to produce a exclusive design for the show, with a T-shirt graphic on how they saw tee shirt art in the future, 2015 to be precise. These included guys like Alex Trochut, 123Klan, Mambo, Sixpack, Volcom, JeffStaple, Jeremyville, Threadless, loads of big fucking dogs, and um little old us repping the UK alongside our family Waste!

Our idea for the future of T-shirt art was basically that at the current moment in time, 2011 creeping into 2012, brands such as Only, Carhartt, Alife etc are smashing the market with such simplistic vector design work, nothing wrong with their art, in fact it’s pretty fucking sick, but being a brand that thrives on great illustration, we want to see more detailed artwork coming to the forefront, artwork that really let’s the artist show off what they can do, not just knowing how to trace things in illustrator, but really fucking knowing how illustrator works and creating artwork that makes the punters eye balls explode in their head, unable to take in all that detail. Artwork that really tests the screen printers by reproducing what looks amazing on screen onto a cotton canvas.
So to demonstrate that we linked up with up coming talent Tom Mac, who spent a silly amount of time on a absolutely bananas 8 colour drippy Panther. Check it out in the event below and to see it more in detail, minus reflections etc we’ve stuck up a exclusive desktop image of the design you can grab and stick on your computers, print out and stick on the wall, do whatever you want, just witness the sickness! Just click the image to open up a download link for it!
If you’re in Australia there’s really no excuse not to go see this event. It’s a honour to be involved and we salute all our new Australian mates, Eddie Zammit, Nicole Reed, Sarah Halfpenny, Ben and Dale Bigeni, Alex Lehours, keep your eyes peeled for more AnyForty Australian love in early 2012.

Proud to have our design sitting right next to the legends 123Klan and their Bandit-1$M range. Stoked!

And here’s that desktop you can download, click to open the download link!

NEXT full coverage is nearly here…

3rd November 2011 | Tags: , , , ,

Pics are starting to pop up on Australian blogs from last nights private opening of the NEXT exhibition on Cockatoo Island, Sydney. Looking forward to seeing more and as soon as we do we’ll show you em all!  We’ve some designs in the absolutely ridiculously huge T-shirt display that you can see hanging from the ceiling amongst brands like Benny Gold, Zoo York, Mishka and Rebel 8, but we’re especially excited to see how our contribution to the Future tee’s exhibition measures up against the big boys. Exclusive new artwork in display cases from world famous brands and artists including Alex Trochut, Sixpack France, Bandit-1$M, Taken, Mambo and lot’s more. We’re the only UK brand involved and the only other UK artist is our family Waste… BIG IN THE GAME!!!

AnyForty got NEXT

2nd November 2011 | Tags: , , , ,

So for the last few months we’ve been keeping a secret. We’re involved in a stupidly sick project that’s going to be going on from Friday in Sydney, Australia called NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics which is taking place at an event called Outpost on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. We’ll mention more on the general Outpost project soon.

NEXT is a project put on by a good mate of ours, and the T-shirt king, Eddie Zammit from T-World Magazine, in conjunction with aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney.

“For over 30 years, street culture – encompassing graffiti, design, skate, streetwear and urban inspired – has changed the way we see the graphic T-shirt. This exhibit celebrates the street art category using the T-shirt as its most accessible canvas. The display is both retrospective and responsive to the question, what is NEXT?”

20 x T-shirts are being exclusively created for the exhibition by some of the leading artists, designers and labels in the world (including one from ourselves with artist Tom Mac). The brief is to depict the future direction of T-shirt graphics. However, you will have to wait ‘til Friday to hit up this blog and see the full list of those involved…

In addition, portrait photographer Nicole Reed has captured an amazing line-up of streetwear heavyweights in conjunction with T-world for NEXT. Each portrait displayed will be large-scale and will provide an insight into your favourite artists’ work and their thoughts on the future of the T-shirt scene.

It’s been a cracking project to be involved with, and we’re toe-to-toe with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world. We’ve actually had a hand in all the display graphics for the event too, so it’s been a very busy five months. Eddie’s worked on this for the last few years and it’s going to blow people away!! Such an ambitious project but, trust us, he’s absolutely smashed the ball out the park.

Take a peek at some spy pics that have surfaced via Cockatoo Island’s Facebook page and keep an eye on our blog for lots more coverage on this sick in the face event!