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AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 4 of 25

Another day and another unveil from the incredible lineup of 25 worldwide artists we’ve pulled together for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July. So ladies and gentleman, let us reintroduce you guys to another sick artist, drumroll…

Hailing from Cascais in sunny Portugal comes the incredible artist and all round lovely fella Paulo Arraiano, AnyForty regulars will know his work from his brilliant collaboration as part of our Versus 4 collection we dropped in Summer 2011.

Paulo’s got a incredible back catalogue of work you can see here, doing print based designs for the likes of Volkswagen, Nike, Computer Arts and Don’t Panic, but in the last few years his work has really exploded into the 3 dimensional real world, painting his artwork on physical forms all over the globe, from naked bodies to boats to humungous walls Paulo’s work is really mind-blowing and can be spotted in city’s all over the world

Proud to have him involved in this project and whatever he cooks up you can be sure it’ll trap your attention with his intricate hand drawn details.

Stay tuned for artist number 5 to be unveiled next week, another of our guest artists, and another incredibly talented Australian.

Opening Night: Paulo Arraiano & Diogo Machado Spaces Within show.

So last night we quickly hot tailed it on the 243 bus over to Shoreditch with our artist Purdi to meet up with our fam Tom and Sarah from Quintin UK to catch the opening night of the brilliant new exhibition by the incredible Paulo Arraiano aka Yup and a artist who we’re not gonna front,  was totally new to us, but as we found out equally as sick Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel To The Fire. Man is incredibly sick, produces these beautifull incredibly detailed tiles and from the Space Invader school of thought  goes and sticks them up randomly around cities, got word some will be going up around Shoreditch the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for them. Show is open until February 26th so make sure if you’re London based you take a trip over to the Pure Evil Gallery.