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AnyForty Charity Group Show: Artist Unveil 24

Sunday ain’t a day of rest in the AnyForty towers, so buckle up and get ready for the unveiling of artist number 24 of the incredible lineup of worldwide artists who’ve donated their time and skills for our AnyForty Charity Group show taking place at 5th Base Gallery, London from July 24th until July 27th, and again, in no particular order, proud to announce another artist AnyForty regulars will be more than aware of, ladies and gentleman it’s…

Philadelphia based Chris B Murray doesn’t need any introduction to the AnyForty die hards, he only came on board the good ship AnyForty in our first Chapter collection, with his incredible space horror tee after we stumbled across his artwork in the underground east coast hip hop scene, dude’s done some incredible stuff for one of our favourite ever mc’s Connecticut artist Apathy and has hooked any one who’s stumbled across his work ever since. Such a incredible style of illustration, always packed with sick little details, but for us, what really blows our mind is the way dude colours his work up, really brings his work alive. We’ve loads of stuff in the pipeline with Chris for the future, he’s already created the cover art for our AnyForty Six book which is dropping in November this year and contains all artwork from 6 full years of artist collaborations, we’re also working on another few top secret bits that will blow your minds. Great artist, great fella and to top it off a complete hip hop geek just like us, we spend most our time chatting about hip hop rather than artwork. Anyway, super stoked to have Chris involved in this great event for a great cause, with Chris and all the other incredible artists really bringing there “A” games, we’re gonna make a truckload full of cash for Calm!