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It’s a NY launch thing…

So it’s all been a bit hectic since we arrived back from New York, we launched the new range a week ago, and since then been constantly busy packing up orders and planning this weekends pop up store at Sampled, in Shoreditch, London.

Finally getting a few minutes spare to fill you in on the New York launch party for the AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, we’ve some video footage being cooked up as we speak,  We did take a load ourselves, but the lager was flowing a bit too freely, the camera got knocked to the wrong settings and all our pics came out shite! Luckily our man Tristan Stefan Edouard came through and rescued with some quality messy pics!

The night was great, New York on a Thursday night, even established event planners told us it’s always hit and miss wether you’ll get a good turn out, we did a lot of pr, big up’s Complex amongst many others, and thankfully the place was rammed, we went past the planned 11pm closure, until we got kicked out at 2am. A sick night was had by all!

Big up’s to Gallery Bar, Lower East Side, New York City, for opening there doors to us animals for the evening, and shout out to everyone who came through, nice to meet so many new faces and see so many familiar ones from back home, New York, we love you, and we will be back!


Shepard Fairey “Harmony & Discord” Private View

So we’ve just landed back from New York City, and got a memory card of magic to share with you guys.

Apart from the launch party, one of the highlights of our trip was a incredible private viewing of Shepard Fairey’s “Harmony & Discord” show at Pace Prints. We went along with our girl Purdi Petunia and our buddy Eddie Zammit from T-world for a exclusive look round the closed gallery space.

Featuring a large body of work including beautifully hand embossed screen prints  to some incredible painted metal plates this was a really special selection of work to see in the flesh. We even got to see Shepard’s very first tee he designed for Obey back in the early 90′s, the classic Obey Giant featuring the mug of Andre and a sweet black on black stamp detail. Proper piece of tee history, and we got to see it in the flesh. Epic is a word normally we refuse to use, but it sums this experience up, proper fucking epic!

To get to look around a empty gallery and meet the man himself, who has been a massive inspiration since day one, was down right incredible, especially when Shepard turned out to be as down to earth as we’d hoped he was!

The exhibition is open until June 16th, so if you’re visiting New York, make sure you go and check it out.

AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series – Lookbook

So you all should be aware, tonight we’ve a worldwide launch party for the new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, it’s at Gallery Bar, New York City, with a exhibition of all the final artwork for the range.

Well we didn’t want you guys back home in the UK and Europe who’ve supported us since the start to miss out, so we’re unveiling the full range right now for you to see, shot for us by our man, the internet famous Rick Nunn!

Remember, the range goes on sale Monday 14th May 7pm GMT. £30 for a pack containing a tee and a artist specific 24 page mini T-world issue. Get those wallets ready peoples!

New York state of mind

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have seen our friends and up-coming collaborators T-world  are currently in New York hosting a series of events to celebrate the launch of their new issue 7, dedicated to the tee brands and artists of NYC.

Currently they’ve had events like the mag launch at Jeremyville‘s studio, a Mr T tastic tee collaboration release party at Mishka, a Claw Money x Deb paint off, and tomorrow night is a rather special one going down at Jeffstaple’s Reed Space with an exclusive T-world signing session by the incredible Grotesk , live screenprinting by BKNY and an exhibition of the photographic work of the brilliant Nicole Reed, who is the photographer of all the portraits in the incredible new issue of T-world.

When Eddie of T-world gave us the opportunity to throw an AnyForty & T-world party over in New York to celebrate the last four months of solid graft on our upcoming ‘The Australian Invasion Series’, we simply couldn’t resist.

We arrive on Friday afternoon and our event is on Thursday 10th May – if you’re in New York you’d be a fool to miss it. Keep your eye on our Facebook page or T-world‘s for a venue announcement real soon, and follow our Instagram for pics on our travels.

Gonna be sick-in-the-face!!!

AnyForty & T-world Pop up shop at Sampled, London, May 26th & 27th.

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Following on from the fun we had at last winters Sampled event, we thought we would be a bunch of fools not to get involved in the Summer version of it but were a bit reluctant as we haven’t any actual samples or old stock to sell like the other brands.

So we thought fuck it, why not set up shop for the weekend and provide old and new punters alike with the only place in London you can walk in and buy the new AnyForty & T-world range of tees! So 12 days after we launch online, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May, at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch, East London, you can come on in and hit up the AnyForty & T-world pop up shop and grab one of these exclusive tees for £30, same deal as the online release but you don’t have to pay Royal Mail’s recently risen postage costs, or wait for delivery! And this time the entry to Sampled is free so it’s a Win/Win situation!

Obviously for you London based die hard AnyForty fans who’ll of already bought the release the moment it drops on May 14th, we’re planning some limited run collectors postcard packs that will be sold exclusively at the event, so come along and say hello and grab a piece of history!

So hit up the Sampled facebook group and register your interest and we shall see you there.

AnyForty & T-world presents… KEN TAYLOR

To say the devil’s in the details to an illustrator like Ken Taylor is an understatement. We’re proud to announce that Taylor is the very final artist in a line-up unrivalled by any previously released Australian T-shirt series.

Who is Ken Taylor, to those who don’t know you? I’m a designer and illustrator based in Melbourne. I’m well-known for creating screen-printed rock posters, but lately I’ve been doing a bunch of movie related art, as well as painting.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? Whilst our ‘scene’ is so much smaller than say the UK or the US, the internet has brought everyone much closer together, and I think the further time rolls on the less important it is where you are based. Most of my favourite artists are still home grown.

How would you describe your style? My style is largely based around intricate linework often backlit with detailed, subtly coloured tonal work. I mostly work with screenprints, so my artwork is usually limited to no more than six colours. I try to always have a little bit of a story with every piece because I think concept is just as important as the execution.

What do you know about the UK in general? My family is all from the UK – I spent two years there growing up, but haven’t been back since I was a teenager. I remember my mind being blown in a big way – so much amazing history in the one place.

Have you ever been to the UK and tell us about a memorable experience you had? I just walked around with my jaw dropped to the floor. I had just started to really learn a lot more about art history and architecture when I was last there. Having parents from both Scotland and England meant we went all over the place and it was a massive culture shock for me.

AnyForty & T-world presents… TRAVIS PRICE

Travis Price is building a solid reputation for his bold linework and sense of humour.

Who is Travis Price, to those who don’t know you? I’m an Australian vector-based illustrator. I live in rural Victoria surrounded by an ever-expanding young family. I love T-shirts and character design. As a side project I run kids brand Mister Mista with my wife Renee. I grew up illustrating and skateboarding… I’m now the quintessential middle-aged skate tragic.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? I’ve only just recently stopped to take stock, and there’s so much happening on so many different levels. As a design student in the mid ‘90s we were all looking towards the US, and then the UK pretty well took over, whereas now I’m looking locally a lot more for inspiration. The great thing is Australia’s a pretty small place so everyone’s accessible and really supportive of each other.

How would you describe your style? I was influenced a lot by skateboard art in the ‘80s, ‘90s and still to this day. There was also a lot of Mambo in my teens. I guess my style is a mix of skateboard, comic, retro vector with some textures thrown in there. If I had to give it a name it would be “Dirty POP Vector”.

What do you know about the UK in general? From watching “The Inbetweeners” it looks like a hard/interesting place to grow up as a teenager…. you then move to Slough and get a job working for David Brent, ha ha. At Uni we looked to the UK a lot with designers like Barnbrook, Why Not Associates, Tomato, and Vaughan Oliver. It’s funny as every large advertising agency in Australia seems to have a token English creative director. The UK produces really great conceptual thinkers. I must say I really like the UK sense of humour, I think that’s something we’ve got in common.

Have you ever been to the UK and tell us about a memorable experience you had? Embarrassingly, out of my Uni mates I’m the one who’s never been overseas (unless you count two trips to Tasmania!). I once offered an English backpacker a place to sleep for one night… he left three weeks later! The bastard owes me $3.20! Ha ha. My mum was originally from Kirkcaldy in Scotland so it’s on my list of list of things to do.

AnyForty & T-world presents… PURDI PETUNIA

Our next artist in The Australian Invasion Series is a face familiar to AnyForty fans, Purdi Petunia; a Melbourne born artist who now resides in East London, and is the lady behind the brilliant sold out Sailor girl tee from our Versus 3 range. She’s worked with fellow Australian and London based photographer Nick Delaney on her new design.

Who is Purdi Petunia, to those who don’t know you? I’m a designer by day, and an illustrator by night. I’m a Melburnian living in London who has to have a coffee in the morning before I can talk to anyone – probably the typical brooding artist with a commercial edge.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? What happens in Australia seems foreign to me now. When I lived there I felt quite restricted, hence the move. Now I have the best of both worlds, as I can share my own Australian-ism with the rest of the world.

How would you describe your style? Eclectic and quirky, but sometimes simple and sophisticated. Luckily, being creative runs in the family, and after all my schooling and subsequent work, I’ve got loads of skills that I can use across whatever style I feel like doing. I’m always told I should have one style, but that would make me feel like I’ve got my hands tied behind my back.

What do you know about the UK in general? I’m pretty well versed with what goes on in the UK, since I’ve lived here for 7 years. I literally threw myself in at the deep end over here, but luckily the British love the work ethic of Aussies, so I’ve had no trouble getting known. The Brits are also very up for networking online and with the popularity of Facebook , Twitter etc. over the last couple of years, finding out what’s happening in the art world is super easy here.

Tell us about your time in the UK and a memorable experience you have had? Living over here has been full of amazing opportunities, ups and downs, and has allowed me to make myself a better creative, and my own person! I’ve been able to work in studios, on projects and with people that would never have been possible if I’d stayed at home. The best experience for me is being able to visit people who’ve always inspired me. Last year, at the kid robot store in Covent Garden I got to meet Gary Basemen. He’s one of my favourite illustrators. I’ve always loved his work and style.

The Australian Invasion Series, released Monday 14 May!

The eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed we didn’t hit the mid-April release date we’d planned for this new AnyForty & T-world ‘The Australian Invasion Series’ of tees.

We only have one excuse – simply, we didn’t want to rush this release.

Whilst the tees are all printed and ready to go, we’ve been working round the clock designing up 10 artist-specific 24 page editions of T-world that will come with each tee. It is sure to be a product that you guys will be glad you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on.

We’re sure you’ll understand, after all we appreciate your custom so much, we want to give you an absolutely flawless product, so mark a new date in your diaries peoples. May 14 at 7pm (GMT) we’re going live.

We are hitting that one. It’s concrete. And in more exciting news, it’s going to be officially launched in the ultimate concrete jungle. Stay tuned.

AnyForty & T-world presents… NUMSKULL

Fresh from a recent trip to the UK, we’re proud to introduce artist number 7 for ‘The Australian Invasion Series’, Numskull.

Who is Numskull, to those who don’t know you? I am an Australian-based artist working both indoors and outdoors.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? Australia has a thriving and super talented art scene, especially Melbourne. In terms of illegal art, it’s a lot stricter. In terms of worldwide recognition, it’s even harder because we are so isolated from the rest of the overall scene. The internet helps.

How would you describe your style? Constantly changing. I have a passion for exploring and creating weird figurative, collage-style paintings and font-based work. Outside, my paintings are big and bold with less detail.

What do you know about the UK in general? I’ve spent a lot of time travelling to and from the UK when I was younger because part of my family lives there. From my experience, the UK is; subcultures, grime, crime, creativity, graffiti, funny accents, CCTV, a Queen and one of the countries at the forefront of what I’m interested in.

Have you ever been to the UK and tell us about a memorable experience you had? I recently travelled around parts of Europe and the UK where I met up with Mr. Penfold and Sweet Toof along the way. We wandered the streets of East London and painted two spots in the same day – a shop on Hackney Road, and a train front on top of the Village Underground. That was a rad day.