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AnyForty Versus Exhibition 2014: Artist Unveil 3 of 25

Proud to continue the unveiling of the 25 artists (in no particular order) for our AnyForty Versus Charity Exhibition taking place in London (venue to be announced) in July. So ladies and gentleman, let us reintroduce you guys to, drumroll…

AnyForty die hards will be familiar with Travis Price‘s name from our AnyForty & T-worldThe Australian Invasion” collection we dropped 2 summers ago where he cooked up a mental 5 eyed emu, but if your not, you need to get familiar real quick, Travis is genuine t-shirt design royalty, running his own sick brand over in Melbourne Jimmy Royale, creating designs for the likes of Johnny Cupcakes, Nike, Mambo and local Australian brands like Third Chapter and kids brand Mista Mista alongside a portfolio containing a whole other load of non-t-shirt art, if you’ve a spare half a hour go and trawl through it here, massively inspirational folio! We can’t wait to see what Travis cooks up for this show, whatever it is is sure to deliver a knockout blow!

Free AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series iPhone wallpapers!

As a lil treat for a rainy Tuesday, we’ve just cooked up some free AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series wallpapers of the current range for you lucky pups.

At the moment, these wallpapers are just available for iPhones, so click the image below, to be taken to a zShare page and grab the full set of 10, now you can rep the likes of Beastman, Ben Bigeni, Dale Bigeni, Deb, Ben Brown, Meggs, Numskull, Purdi Petunia, Travis Price and Ken Taylor on your phones!

Grab em, share em around and let the world know about our current drop, still on sale for a bargain £30 with mini issue of T-world from here!

AnyForty & T-world mini issues. A closer look…

So for those of you who haven’t treated yourself to a new tee from our AnyForty & T-world collaboration yet, we thought we’d show you exactly what your missing out on.

So each tee comes with a mini 24 page artist specific issue of T-world, featuring all exclusive content, a showcase of the relevant artists work, alongside a exclusive interview and lot’s more goodness.

Take a look below and see what you get for your 30 gold coins with a few sample spreads of each issue, and remember tees and mini issue’s on sale for £30 a pack, direct from us at our AnyForty store or hit up any of our retailers, we’ve got Urban Industry in Eastbourne, Focus in Glasgow and Edinburgh, The Chimp Store in Leeds and Mimm in Nottingham.

Who else do you know that puts this much effort into a drop of tees? Matching swing tags, mini mags, the lot, we don’t fuck around! Cheers to our man Rick Nunn for the pack shots, White Duck for the brillant job on the tees and Ripe Digital for printing these mini mags and swing tags for us.

We’re so over the moon with the final collection but we need the word of AnyForty to keep spreading, our mission isn’t complete just yet.

So peoples, please do your bit, retweet and reblog this post, go forth and spread the good word of the big four ohh!

Beastman pack

Ben Bigeni pack

Dale Bigeni pack

Ben Brown pack

Deb pack

Meggs pack

Numskull pack

Purdi Petunia pack

Travis Price pack

Ken Taylor pack

AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series – Lookbook

So you all should be aware, tonight we’ve a worldwide launch party for the new AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series, it’s at Gallery Bar, New York City, with a exhibition of all the final artwork for the range.

Well we didn’t want you guys back home in the UK and Europe who’ve supported us since the start to miss out, so we’re unveiling the full range right now for you to see, shot for us by our man, the internet famous Rick Nunn!

Remember, the range goes on sale Monday 14th May 7pm GMT. £30 for a pack containing a tee and a artist specific 24 page mini T-world issue. Get those wallets ready peoples!

AnyForty & T-world presents… TRAVIS PRICE

Travis Price is building a solid reputation for his bold linework and sense of humour.

Who is Travis Price, to those who don’t know you? I’m an Australian vector-based illustrator. I live in rural Victoria surrounded by an ever-expanding young family. I love T-shirts and character design. As a side project I run kids brand Mister Mista with my wife Renee. I grew up illustrating and skateboarding… I’m now the quintessential middle-aged skate tragic.

What do you think of the Australian illustration scene compared to the rest of the world? I’ve only just recently stopped to take stock, and there’s so much happening on so many different levels. As a design student in the mid ‘90s we were all looking towards the US, and then the UK pretty well took over, whereas now I’m looking locally a lot more for inspiration. The great thing is Australia’s a pretty small place so everyone’s accessible and really supportive of each other.

How would you describe your style? I was influenced a lot by skateboard art in the ‘80s, ‘90s and still to this day. There was also a lot of Mambo in my teens. I guess my style is a mix of skateboard, comic, retro vector with some textures thrown in there. If I had to give it a name it would be “Dirty POP Vector”.

What do you know about the UK in general? From watching “The Inbetweeners” it looks like a hard/interesting place to grow up as a teenager…. you then move to Slough and get a job working for David Brent, ha ha. At Uni we looked to the UK a lot with designers like Barnbrook, Why Not Associates, Tomato, and Vaughan Oliver. It’s funny as every large advertising agency in Australia seems to have a token English creative director. The UK produces really great conceptual thinkers. I must say I really like the UK sense of humour, I think that’s something we’ve got in common.

Have you ever been to the UK and tell us about a memorable experience you had? Embarrassingly, out of my Uni mates I’m the one who’s never been overseas (unless you count two trips to Tasmania!). I once offered an English backpacker a place to sleep for one night… he left three weeks later! The bastard owes me $3.20! Ha ha. My mum was originally from Kirkcaldy in Scotland so it’s on my list of list of things to do.