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AnyForty & Tom Mac: Pride, Home, Away & Third Shirts Available Now!

25th April 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

After a few weeks shouting about it, you can now purchase these super limited run Pride garments… We’ll let our longest serving wholesale account Urban Industry explain what they’re all about.

“UK streetwear veterans AnyForty have once again joined forces with acclaimed illustrator Tom Mac to rework their classic Pride artwork for the forthcoming World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The AnyForty & Tom Mac Pride Home, Away and Third pack cleverly uses the patriotic Pride print that first debuted during the London 2012 Olympics and applies it to three t-shirts that mimic the England team’s home, away and third kits.”

AnyForty @ Boxpark: Coming soon

1st March 2013 | Tags: , , , , ,

No words really needed…

AnyForty at The Ledge, January 2013

So we’ve just got back from a brilliant second outing to The Ledge at London Olympia where we showcased our brand new Spring/Summer 13: Blood, Sweat & 5 Years collection.
Was a great weekend catching up with a lot of good mates, big shouts for Paul from AONO, Cian and Chris from Swallows & Daggers, our man Jon from No Good came over from Malta, Paul and Matt from Dephect, Aidy and Liam from Hype, the lads from the legendary UK bran King Apparel our mate D from PXL Clothing and many, many, many more who made it a great show. Feel like there’s a nice UK streetwear family building with these events, lot of new brands like the ladies from White Trash London and Studio Ochee showing alongside some of us more established brands and the huge overseas brands like The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co, Huf and Ice Cream, and we’re super stoked to be part of it and see our scene growing!
Apart from the good hangs, also landed a few new accounts (which is obviously the main reason for doing these things!) including one of London’s biggest skate retailers Club Blue Room based in Marble Archand a account we’ve been after for a while the brilliant looking The Forum in Swindon, buzzing to get in store there alongside some other great brands!
Special shout to our stockists who took a trip out to see us, Dan from Urban Industry, Matt and Rosie from Chemical UK, James and Dunc from Recreo and Amar from Disturbed Clothing, great to see you all!

Our new collection will be in these stores alongside all our other accounts on Friday March 15th, we’re over the moon to welcome these two stores to the AnyForty family and we hope to announce a few more over the next few weeks… 2013 is gonna be great, we can smell it in our wee!


AnyForty at The Be Street Weeknd, Paris, France!

So we’ve just got back to London from a incredible trip to Paris to take part in the very first  Be Street Weeknd event and wanted to fill you guys in on went down while it’s still fresh in our Baccardi soaked minds!

We signed up for the Be Street event in July as soon as we were asked to take part, we’re big fans of Benny and the Be Street guys magazine so it was a easy decision to make! Since that summer day we said yep, we have been patiently waiting then eagerly counting down the days till we packed all our stock up and headed to France. That day came on Friday 14th December, we got up at the crack of dawn and along with Purdi, Alex and Hobbit we jumped in our auld mate Fin (from Rose Bikes UK) sick VW T25 transporter van and set off driving from Hackney to Paris via the EuroTunnel. After negotiating some absolutely madcap Parisian rush hour traffic we headed to the Cité de la Mode et Du Design and set up shop for what we hoped would be a weekend to remember…And we were not to be disappointed!!!!

We had a absolutely amazing yet silly long weekend, lots of stock was snapped up by our French fans old and new, the limited edition Tizieu tee went out like shit off a shovel (So much so we’re thinking of printing up another run so all our UK heads can get hold of one!), we saw many familiar faces but best of all had the chance to meet long time overseas AnyForty fam for the first time, was absolutely incredible to meet Hydro 74 who came all the way from Orlando,  worked with him a lot over the last 4 years, and he is the man behind our AnyForty script logo for those who don’t know so was so sick to finally meet our man! Also sick to meet Mr Meka from IDLEHAND, who you might know as ZombieCorp who’s blessed us with 2 sick collabo’s these last few years, also finally linked up with Tyrsa, was such a pleasure to meet dude after 4 years knowing him online and it’s great to see him really getting some shine lately, especially this handrawn Hypebeast piece. The last artist we’ve know for a while but never met in person was the brilliant McBess, watched dude paint his mural live and were absolutely blown away. Great to see he was just as nice a person in the flesh. Super friendly fella!

Apart from all the familiar faces we met for the first time, the Be Street Weeknd also gave us chance to link up with some artists we’ve a bucket load of respect for but have never met or spoke to before, so cheers to them for giving us the chance to link up and chat with the incredibly brilliant L’amour Supreme meet one of our biggest inspirations, Greg Rivera of Mishka fame and stumble across the sick homegrown talent that is Ian Macarthur!

There was also a cracking turnout from some fellow UK brands who took the trip across the sea, our good mate Paul from AONO came over and killed it with his barbershop set up. Also repping the UK was Aidy and the lads from Hype in Leicester,  Rich and Dunc from Abandon Ship Apparel alongside the lads from Represent all helped to make the weekend one to remember. Mainly for the monster hangover on Sunday after Saturday night turned into a massive piss up. Our area of the show changed from being a respectable retail environment into a council estate piss up, with beer and Baccardi fueled Brits running wild, a lot of great memories were made, main one we’ll always remember is a drunk Hydro 74 invading the Abandon Ship booth to punch them alll in the nuts. Classic night.

So yeah, what a event, and what a long weekend in a city we love. Big ups to Benny and the team for putting on a cracking event, we look forward to seeing you lot again in 2013! Till then, check out our pics from the weekend below, and get ready to see the video of our boy Hobbit destroying the Be Street main stage with his phenomonal beatboxing… that’s coming soon!

AnyForty x Tom Mac: Pride (GB Colourway) Dropping today 1pm!

27th July 2012 | Tags: , ,

Dropping today at 1pm, AnyForty x Tom Mac, to tide you over till then, here’s some sneak peek pics of the printing process of this tee by our mates White Duck in Bath.

Coming soon: AnyForty & (iL) Soigneur musette bags!

So, last year, we hit you up with our first-ever non tee products, with the AnyForty x J3Concepts leather embossed wallets, and our 3DA snapbacks. Continuing our experimentation with new products, here’s a sneak peek of something coming mid February.

Always been fond of Bristol; after spending 9 years living in spitting distance to it, love everything about it – the people, the culture, the artists… so when we found out through our original breadbin JamFactory that there was a Brizzol-based brand called (iL) Soigneur making sweet cycling musette bags we knew they needed to be hit up.

Now we’ve wanted to do a bag for time, even gone as far as having designs for backpacks ready to be manufactured; it’s the size and minimum quantities that always scupper our plans. Unfortunately, AnyForty not yet being huge means we’ve nowhere to stock 300 backpacks. So we’ve gone for an alternative and equally fresh approach.

If you’re one of our bike riding fans, you’ll be familiar with these bags – cyclists been using them for time. Think they originally started as a way for support teams to pass meals to cyclists on the Tour De France etc, but cyclists now using them for carrying spare inner tubes, maps, energy bars, phones, keys, tools etc.

However, we reckon these bags are pretty cool, and coincidently the perfect size for carrying iPads, books, magazines, tins of paint, all your everyday stuff, so we’re gonna try and bring these to the everyday man. For times when you don’t want to lug a backpack round, these will be perfect. Especially for us living in London, we’ve already had some teef unzip backpacks in busy streets and on the tube (luckily they didn’t find anything). Security wise, these are gonna be dope – when in crowded areas, spin it round and have it on your front. No sticky fingers will get into it there.

So anyway, we’re chatting too much. Take a quick look at some samples. Ignore the colours of the bag and the strap, we’re gonna drop one-colour bags with matching straps with contrasting buttons, with heat pressed vinyl AnyForty Hydro script on the front, and two-colour AnyForty icon on the back. Inside however is where the real magic starts; full colour, ripstop, printed fabric bursting with illustrative love. Business on the outside, party on the inside! Dropping two designs, one by Waste as seen in Versus 4 drop, the other by, ah well, you’ll have to wait for the other one…

Bag dimensione are 260mm x 330mm

Build quality of these is amazing, and these are being built completely from scratch for us to our designs. You’re gonna love the final ones. Will drop two designs, in limited numbers of only 20 each. 2 x 20 = 40. Our lucky number :)

Stay tuned for more info yo!

End Of Year Wrap Up: UK, Please Support your own!

21st December 2011 | Tags: , , , , , ,

So it’s coming up to the end of the year, and while most people are getting ready to switch their brains off for Christmas and fill bellies with mince pies and selection boxes, my brain can’t help spin up with ideas and plans on how I can turn AnyForty into a full-time business. For those of you who don’t know, AnyForty is run by me, on my own, with help from lots and lots of talented friends and I’ve been doing it all on the side of a day job that pays my bills for the last four years. It’s not a full-time operation, there’s not a team of people sitting in an office handling accounts, marketing and packing orders. It’s just me, working my nuts off!

I try to switch off but it’s hard when you’re so passionate about something, AnyForty has been in my blood for a long time and something I want to do all day long, every day for the rest of my life. I even quit a full-time job as an Art Editor of a great and well-respected design magazine last November to chase the dream, and that’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Been able to dedicate a lot more time to AnyForty business than I had before.

Year by year, AnyForty gets that bit bigger, but so far not big enough for me to concentrate on it full-time.  That’s what I’m going to be asking Santa for this year. The ability to run my brand as my one and only day job sometime soon.

Probably the one thing holding me back from attacking this full-time, is stockists. If we get more stockists, we can spend more time making more product, and in turn the more product we make, the more efficient the business can be run, as the product will get cheaper to manufacture, and the more product we can manufacture we can start to hit factories’ minimum orders and start producing more bespoke cut and sew items. Trust me, at the moment, wholesale is a tricky game when you don’t make a lot of product, cost per unit when you sell wholesale you’re basically just breaking even, but it gets more product out on the street and more people aware of the brand so it’s a winning situation. I’m hoping it’ll change in the future and more stores will roll the dice with UK brands, but unfortunately it seems at the moment the majority of stores in the UK don’t support their own homegrown, independent brands.

Instead of trying to help grow a thriving scene on these very shores, most stores are happy to fill there shelves with the latest US brands, and to be honest, in this shit financial climate, who can blame them, most customers go crazy for the latest ONLY tees, or the latest Obey crewnecks. Gotta give the customers what they want, and that’s guaranteed money in the tills. But come on, it’d be nice to keep some money in this country wouldn’t it, rather than send it all over to the States?

Can’t help but feel if more stores like Urban Industry and Focus have done and got on board and supported homegrown brands more people would get up on streetwear that’s being produced on these shores, that’s easily as good as our American bredrins and they’d fiend for the latest drops from brands like us. And trust me, there are many brands like AnyForty, out there hustling day to day, trying to compete with the big boy US brands. Truth be told, we’ve been stocked in a fair few independents since we’ve started, unfortunately most of them gone to the retail park in Heaven. But anyone who’s taken the chance and stocked us alongside your Alife’s and Zoo York’s has never failed to sell our stuff and has always come back with bigger orders.

Next year’s plan is to go out and visit more stores, this time proper business-like; that’s phone calls and appointments made instead of jumping on a train with a backpack full of tees and randomly turning up into shops we like, asking to speak to the boss.

Don’t get me wrong, not having a whinge about things, and in reality things are the biggest and best they’ve ever been. 2011 has been a INCREDIBLE year for AnyForty. This time last year, AnyForty was a tee brand, that’s all we’d ever made. Fast forward to today, and over the last year produced our first Teeology book and 2012 calendar (both of which sold out stupid fast), we made a fully embossed leather wallet with J3Concepts that basically sold out in 2 weeks, we’ve produced our first range of artist collaboration crewnecks, manufactured some pocket money spends with metal keyrings and vinyl travel cards and released our first ever snapbacks. Looking back on it, along with relocating to London and doing our first ever Sample Sale we’ve been proper busy this year!

Just like to wrap this blog post up by thanking each and every person who’s supported AnyForty since I started it in 2008, all the sick artists who’ve got on board with great designs, all the photographers who’ve worked with us and helped us present the brand in a incredibly polished way, the blogs who’ve written great stuff about us and our current stockists Urban Industry, Focus and the Boardroom and obviously all you guys who hit the store up on the regular and support us with cold hard cash. Really mean this, but can’t do any of this without the support of people speaking with their wallets.

Hope next year’s end of year blog post is a tale of our UK retail success. Watch this space and find out!

Happy Christmas to you all. Will be back in a week or so, ready to smash the back doors of 2012 right in.

Much love!





Urban Industry

12th November 2011 | Tags: , , , , ,

Always love seeing our products in the newest gear on Urban Industry’s site. AnyForty alongside adidas, Nike Jordan, Casio G-Shock – can’t beat that feeling!! Worth checking out the Urban Industry store, as they’ve a few designs still in stock that we’ve sold out of, like the amazing RichT design. Sold out crazy fast on our store. Get it before it’s gone for good!