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AnyForty Family: The Kaleidoscope Festival

We haven’t done one of these AnyForty family posts for a long ass time, but this one is too good not to share and contains too many mates of ours doing big tings.

So the story is, on 27th & 28th November, AnyForty O.I (Original Illustrataaaaay) Gavin Strange aka Jam Factory is doing a talk at this rather exciting looking Kaleidoscope festival which is being put on my good mates of ours Greg from VNA Magazine and our man Timba who collaborated with us as part of the AnyForty Versus Exhibition in Bristol way back in 2010.

The main jist of the event is, 14 creatives, being pulled from all around the world, into the Barbican in London, for 2 days of inspirational creative chit chattery. We’re going along mainly to see what the fella Johnny Cupcakes has to say, dude is a massive inspiration to anyone who started a clothing brand up in the year ending with 2 x o’s. But we’re also buzzing to see (or is it hear) talks from Brosmind, McBess and Monster Children.

There’s currently some Early Bird tickets on sale for 80 sheets, although word is they are going faster than the plane that’s going to be carrying Mr Cupcakes to England on, so don’t miss out. Also if your one of those student lot, take a break from playing your PlayStation 3′s and grab a Student Pass £70 for 2 days of talks by some incredible artists. If that doesn’t inspire you nowt will!

Keep a eye out for us there, we’ll be there for the full 2 days, can’t wait! Big ups Timba, Greg and Gordon for bringing a great event like this to our doorsteps in London.

We wish you all the success in the world with it!

Much love. AnyForty

Stuff we like: VNA Magazine & Ronzo’s Birdz

2nd May 2012 | Tags: , ,

We’ve been so hectic lately not had chance to do any blogging on anything that hasn’t been The Australian Invasion Series. Now that’s all to bed and awaiting delivery of stock for the May 14th release, time to catch up on sharing some other goodness.

Stumbled on this video this morning from our mates over at VNA Magazine, amazing what you can get away with in broad daylight if you’re wearing a fluro jacket and placky helmet!

Sick idea and great execution. Well done Ronzo!